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  1. Hi all, hoping to track down a Sea & Sea YS D2J preferably in Australia if possible Thanks in advance!
  2. oh okay, the dive sites closest to me are shallow temperate reefs. I try to focus my attention on dive skills while using my go pro currently and haven't had any issues. It will definitely been a jump up from go pro but I think I should be alright
  3. Many thanks, enjoy your new setup!
  4. Should I just hold off getting a camera then? I don't want to rush and end up going backwards with my skills as a diver.
  5. Definitely will keep working on diving before taking a rig along with me! I can imagine having a setup completely throws off your trim and buoyancy until you're comfortable with it.
  6. oh okay thank you! sorry for the basic questions. All still a lot to process
  7. I see, there is definitely a big jump with the quotes. Do you think its possible to learn on a mirrorless/ would it be worthwhile to start out on? Or is it too big of a jump and would realistically just turn out to be overwhelming.
  8. thank you again for going to the trouble of this! That pricing seems quite reasonable for a setup, is there any regrets or things you wished you did differently with the setup?
  9. If that's possible Mel yes please! I have no issue spending more money and get it right the first time, nothings worse than buying twice
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcome and information. I have been forewarned about the sometimes eye watering financial side of this hobby/passion/work. For a budget I don't really have a magic number in mind, for the right gear I am willing to spend a bit of money but at the time understand there's no point in buying a $10,000 camera if I cannot get decent photos with a $1,000 unit. I personally would have no issue with starting out on second hand gear, it was suggested to me by a few photography friends so when upgrading time occurs I don't lose as much on the resell of gear. I would like a camera that could do both wide and macro I think. I'm lucky enough to be a short drive from dive sites that are home to amazing organisms such as grey nurse sharks (sand tiger shark), weedy seadragons, cephalopods, eels and much much more. I would agree that I am still new to diving, I have 64 dives under my belt but 100% plan on diving for as long as I can. For the time being this would be just a hobby of mine with most captures being posted on social feed (if I manage to snap an okay shot). I am currently studying marine science with the intent of at least doing my masters, if I am lucky then maybe I can tie this all together someday but that's still a ways to go. I'm definitely a novice when it comes to photography above the waves. I do have access to a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 and a good friend who loves land based photography so we have been trying to work on this. Unfortunately due to Australia's most recent lockdown and my work situation this has been halted for the last 3 months. Cheers!
  11. Hi all, I have been wanting to get into underwater photography for a while now. I've spoken to a few stores who have all recommended Mirrorless or DSLR setups so I can have the ability to grow and develop as a photographer. New options of either setups can be quite expensive. However, second hand DSLR gear seems to work out roughly the same to a new ''point and shoot'' setup. Is there any recommendations or suggestions as to what would be the best and why? Any help would be much appreciated. I am a certified to rescue diver currently working on becoming a dive master, I have been diving at least once a fortnight quite consistently (until lockdown start again here in Australia). Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, I am Australian based. I'm currently in the process of becoming a Dive master. Have wanted to get into underwater photography for a while, have been using a go pro since September last year and finally looking into upgrading to my first real underwater camera setup. Keen to learn lots from everyone! Cheers Caleb
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