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  1. Thanks for all the advices! I think the best Idea is to get a diferent and better strobe instead of investing more money to make this work!
  2. Hello! I'm having some trubles with my strobe and camera ( I'm not sure if I conected everything allright or I'm doing something wrong) I already try all modes of flash of the camera (Sony a7II) with every combination of the flash (YS-01 sea n sea) with my housing (Sea Frog Sony A7II NG V.2). The problem is that my flash is not firing.To get in context I use a Sea & Sea Sync Cord - Nikonos Style for YS strobes with a Retra E-Opto Sync Cord Converter - Sea & Sea 5 Pin to to conect my Strobe to the Housing but is not firing the flash. My flash is new and It's working on others cameras that I tried with a diferent Housing , I also tried different types of fiber optic cables and nothing. Some told me to try disconnecting the fiber optic from the strobe to see if there is a red light at the end of the fibe optic and it so. So now I'm lost or maybe ¿They are not compatible?
  3. Hello all, I'm an Peruvian Diver, I've almost 3 years taking some pictures. I hope I can started learing alot in this forum and show you some pictures I take in diferent countrys . I just have a new Sony A7II that I'm using! Cheers Juan León
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