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  1. Hi Everyone, I am new to underwater photography and filming. I am an experienced photographer and cinematographer topside however. I mostly shoot wildlife documentaries, interviews, etc. Naturally this has led me to expand my toolkit into underwater. I own a Komodo as well as a Sony A7RIV and a couple of A7Siii's. My plan is to get a housing for my photo stuff first and video stuff later and hopefully getting gear that can work on both systems (Lights, ports, domes, etc.), with the later goal of having both a photos setup and a cinema setup. I don't plan to use my Komodo underwater as the price for entry is a bit out of budget for that camera, but will most likely buy a housing for my A7Siii, but who knows! I'm sure these questions have been posted here before, so I do apologize if they are floating around the forums, I couldn't quite find the specific recommendations/answers I was hoping for. For the housings, I'm going Nauticam. I have many friends who use their housings and I live very close to Backscatter in Monterey, CA so I can have it serviced when the time comes. Open to recommendations however. I've looked at Isotta, Sea&Sea, Ikelite and Subal as alternatives, but Nauticam has housings for all my cameras so it would be nice to share pieces and parts between them where possible. I plan to use my A7RIV and a Sigma 24-70mm lens. As I'm understanding depending on the dome port, my field of view can be much tighter or wider? Would there be a better lens to use as an overall semi-wide to a semi-zoom? Something that works best as a wider angle for "landscape" shots of rocks, kelp forests, corals but can double as a semi zoom so I can do details of patters on rocks/coral? I'm not a huge fan of the fisheye look and don't plan to go that route, unless there is an underlying reason to do so. At some point, I will go the macro route as well but that is another thing entirely. For lighting, I am leaning more towards continuous lights as I will end up shooting video more so in the future. So I'm torn between Light and Motion or Keldan. I have used a loaner set from Light and Motion Sola 15ks (Also, very close to where I live) and love them. The main thing I an not a huge fan of is that their batteries are integrated. I would prefer a system where I can swap out batteries, especially on a multi dive day which is why Keldan caught my eye. Does anyone have experience with Keldan? I would prefer continuous lights vs strobes as I would hopefully be able to use continuous lights on both rigs. Not as ideal for photography, but if it works well enough, that's what I'm hoping for. Open to any and all recommendations here as well! Thank you all in advance for any and all recommendations! This seems like a great place and community so I'm excited to have found it and hope to contribute more in the future.
  2. I highly recommend Bradley Photographic Print services. They are based out of the Monterey Bay peninsula and offer amazing quality prints. Bonus, the owner is a diver and accomplished photographer himself. I know him personally and have had my work printed by him, and even if I didn’t know him the quality and service were great. https://www.bradleyprintservices.com/
  3. Greetings from Monterey Bay! I am brand spanking new to Scuba diving (10 dives) and have immediately immersed (PUN INTENDED) into it. I have lived in the Monterey Bay area my whole life and can't believe I waited so long to explore it underwater. Above water I work as a cinematographer and photographer, so naturally I am fully interested in expanding that to underwater. I own a RED Komodo and a Sony A7siii for video and A7Riv for stills. So if anyone has any non-underwater video related questions about gear, software (DaVinci, Premiere, Lightroom) I would called myself a super advanced user since its what I do for a living. Anyways, great to be here and learn more about the underwater community! Cheers!
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