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  1. Its an amazing camera, when you get it neutrally buoyant they are amazing, and the raw footage is amazing 4k60 looks incredible. I'm really sad i have to sell mine only as i have to get a stills setup, have you got a full set up now or just the camera or housing ?
  2. Nauticam NA-C200 for sale. In perfect condition with less than 50 dives, with Focus and zoom gears, perfect for documentary or commercial shooting. This housing is worth £12,000 new and I am looking for Around £6,000 but open to offers. I do also have the C200 body for sale too, message me with any questions or offers. I am based in the UK but will ship internationally. Also comes with 8 inch acrylic dome port and m16 valve system.
  3. very accurate, but very difficult and requires a lot of practice and patience. The shot was actually of a very juvenile moray so it was tiny, unfortunately i don't have that setup any more as i moved to video but now I am looking at going back to a system that can shoot both stills and video and that means i need to purchase some new strobes but on a budget so need to figure out what are the best budget friendly strobes out now.
  4. hey Tim, thanks for you kind feedback on the shot, unfortunately its not a crop or id definitely use more neural space. Equipment wise i used a ion z240 with reef net snoot mount base with micro snoot fibre optic arm
  5. very wide question but i was wondering really best for every type of shooting as personally I shoot from super macro to wide split shots and currently shoot on a c200 for video so i was looking for something with the video capability's of my current system but also the option of shooting some great stills. I know the s1h and s5 aren't really talked about much but wondering if this is even a competitor against the r5 and a1 and siii systems.
  6. Canon R5 vs Sony A1 vs Sony a7siii vs Panasonic lumix s1h. what do you guys think the best all round camera is for a shooter that prioritises underwater video but also needs the capabilities of good still imagery with good autofocus. Any new suggestions is appreciated. thanks.
  7. I am looking to sell my underwater cinema setup. This includes a canon c200 and a nauticam NA-C200 housing. I really love this set up but need something that can do stills , it has only done a maximum of 50 dives and the c200 had under 300 hours of filming. the housing has been washed in fresh water after each dive and comes with a m16 vacuum valve to make sure the camera is water tight. The 4k Raw capability from this camera is amazing for any serious video shooting. I am open to offers and will ship internationally. Id prefer to sell as a complete bundle and am looking for around £11,000 for this package. please message me with any questions, to request photos or offers this is worth over £16,000 new so amazing opportunity to grab a great deal Contact:Jacobguymedia@outlook.com
  8. I've had the housing for the A6xxx and id say the quality isn't something that will last as long as nauticams aluminium housings. it is though a very similar size to the a7c housing so is slightly bigger than a compact housing but it depends on your budget as sea frogs is great if your only doing a few dives but make sure to get the vacuumed pump but if you have the budget either go second hand or push up to something like ikelite for the better protection of your camera.
  9. Hello what do people think of This shot with a snoot and a Nikon 100mm macro. would love to hear some feedback.
  10. Hello from the uk, I am a recent university graduate where i studied wildlife and underwater photography and filmmaking. I am a keep diver with awards in underwater photography and i wish to make a career out of underwater media. If you want to contact me my email is jacobguymedia@outlook.com. thank you all
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