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  1. Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 30 with lock in perfect condition as seen in photos. will post worldwide but i am based in the uk. looking for £150 gbp
  2. Selling for £3750 Nauticam NA- C200 underwater housing for sale. The housing is is perfect condition with less than 50 dives, all orings in great condition and well maintained with fresh waster after each dive. The housing comes with m16 valve system and leak detection for that peace of mind. The engineering on this housing is incredible. I've had it on sale for a few months mainly as a package deal but now I've decided to sell it as just the housing as I need funds for travel. Please note it does not include the dome port but does include the 30 extension ring with lock. The set up costs over £11,000 new. I am available to ship worldwide but I am based in the Uk. message me with any questions or offers. my email is: Jacobguymedia@outlook.com
  3. Nauticam NA C200 Underwater housing set up With C200 Body. Underwater Cinema set up perfect for documentary style of professional filming underwater. Includes everything needed to get in the water and start shooting. This camera is capable of capturing stunning internal 4K 60p footage allowing corrections in the edited to be almost limitless and internal ND filters underwater is an amazing professional feature. The housing has been used on less than 50 dives and is in perfect condition and comes with a 8.5 inch acrylic dome port with no deep scratches and m16 valve allowing the housing to to vacuum sealed and that better security underwater . The Camera body has had less than 280 hours of film time and is in amazing condition too and comes with original box and a Cast card worth £500 alone. This set up is worth Over £16000. message me for any questions or offers. I'm based in the uk but happy to ship internationally if fees are covered. Included: Nauticam NA C200 Housing M16 Valve 8.5 inch acrylic dome port Extension Ring 30 with lock Canon C200 Body with all accessories (some unopened) and original box Extra BP- A30 Battery (2 in total) 256Gb Cfast 2.0 card
  4. Now Dropping to £5300 but still open to offers
  5. Nauticam Tokina 10-17mm focus gear for sale. Retail is £255 asking for £120 for this Gear which is in perfect condition. Message me with any questions . postage internationally from the uk
  6. Thank you so much for the response that all makes sense and is very helpful and reassuring. I currently have the n100 to n120 port adaptor with lock for sony SEL24702 with 18809 so no external lock or option to rotate the focus gear.
  7. Hello all, I have a set up that includes a sony a7rii in a A7ii nauticam housing. But i shoot using canon lenses, i have a sigma adator for my lenses and a port adaptor from n85 to n120 and then a macro port on top for my canon 100mm usm is macro lens. This all fits fine until I add the focus gear on the lens and there is no way i can lock the port system and have the gear on the lens as it is to wide to be put on between the n85 adaptor and housing. Is there a way nauticam have adjusted to this issue ? i can theoretically put everything together but the port adaptor and macro port wont be locked which is very risky underwater. any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Nauticam NA-C200 for sale. In perfect condition with less than 50 dives, with Focus and zoom gears, perfect for documentary or commercial shooting. This housing is worth £12,000 new and I am looking for Around £6,000 but open to offers. I do also have the C200 body for sale too, message me with any questions or offers. I am based in the UK but will ship internationally. Also comes with 8 inch acrylic dome port and m16 valve system.
  9. Its an amazing camera, when you get it neutrally buoyant they are amazing, and the raw footage is amazing 4k60 looks incredible. I'm really sad i have to sell mine only as i have to get a stills setup, have you got a full set up now or just the camera or housing ?
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