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  1. Hi Danny, I shoot with Sony A6400, Canon 10-18mm and Metabones EF to E mk V. Obviously lots of differences between the setups but I thought it worth mentioning that there will be some issues with autofocus and burst shooting with the adapter. I mainly shoot kelp forest scenes so continuous/tracking autofocus isn't crucial but if the setup is mostly for moving animals then you might struggle. The main irritation for me is that when you press the shutter button, the focus locks until you release the button, so not true continuous autofocus that can result in animals lurching out of focus in a longer burst. Autofocus will also be slowed a bit. These issues may not really be noticeable with a fisheye and its increased depth of field, I've not tried with one. Also, if you do ever want to shoot video with it, you will get poor autofocus in the 'advanced' mode, and none in 'green' mode (those might not be quite the right names). It would be worth checking exactly what the adapter does with your camera as I think it differs over the various generations of Sony bodies. I'm still quite happy with my setup but there are definite limitations! cheers, Ruben
  2. Hi Francesca, I also freedive in 2-10m depth photographing kelp forests with ambient light, I don't have experience with the gear you mentioned but can give you advice based on my choices. I started with a crop sensor 7D in a surf housing with a 10-18mm lens (16-28mm equivalent) with a 6 inch dome. Corners were pretty poor even though the dome was specifically for the lens. I then switched to a Sony a6400 in a Seafrogs housing and 8 inch dome with the same Canon 10-18mm, corners and overall sharpness were far better. I don't find the additional dome size to be a problem when diving, it's of course a bit of a drag but entirely worth it for the improved image quality!
  3. I think a technically perfect but otherwise simple or dull image will always be beaten by one that may be a little soft or skew but is more captivating in composition/light/emotional connection or any of the other criteria mentioned in the thread. The technical side of an image only really becomes important if the content of it is interesting enough, you can't have an amazing picture with good exposure or corner sharpness alone, but these additional details will obviously make any image that much better, but there has to be some meat to it first. In an ideal world you would obviously have the best possible gear to limit any imperfections but for me at least that would cost far too much. For instance the Nauticam wet optics mentioned cost more than my entire system, which is where underwater photography becomes very different from surface stuff, where whacky optical artifacts and iffy sharpness can be left behind at a relatively low price point. Within reason, I reckon imperfections can be forgiven if the image is otherwise good!
  4. Thanks, to be clear the sand isn't leaking in from the water, I use my camera (outside of housing) on the beach a lot (shorebirds) and even after cleans, it still ships sand wherever it goes. Appreciate your input.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had perfected a way of cleaning the inside of acrylic domes? I think my camera introduces quite a bit of sand and dust particles into the housing that are easy enough to clean in the body of the housing, but these also trickle into the dome which I am a little more nervous to fiddle with. Can lens cleaning liquid be used in acrylic or will it damage it? What other options are there? I find brushes can sometimes just smear stuff around rather than collecting and removing and feel the need for a more thorough approach. What's your go-to? Thanks!
  6. I have been shooting with the Canon EF-s 10-18mm with a Metabones V EF-E adapter and Sony A6400 in a Seafrogs Salted line A6xxx housing with an 8in dome for a few months now and taken a couple of thousand pics with it and am so far very pleased with the results. Overall, image quality is good, with centre sharpness as good as the lens can produce, while the corners are a little soft. Stopping down helps, and at F10 to F14 corners look clean enough for me! The corner issues are only visible when there is something like a reef right up close to the lens, open water and solid surfaces at a distance remain clean. Autofocus is quick and accurate for stills, no complaints there, no autofocus for video in green mode. I unfortunately cannot compare this to the results that the Sony 10-18mm produce as I don't have that lens. I've kept this short as I don't imagine many people will go this route with their system but if you have any questions I'd be happy to help. Thank you @Barmaglot for sending me pics of your ports when I was trying to figure out whether the lens would fit in the dome, it was very helpful. Attached are two pics of the position of the lens in the dome and a couple of pics taken with the setup.
  7. Just wanted an estimate of size. I’ve gone ahead and ordered a housing and the dome so will find out soon.
  8. Exactly what I needed! I'd really like to stick to my lens but the tokina is a nice alternative if the former doesn't work out. Thanks, I owe you big time for all the help.
  9. @Barmaglot I've got one last question if you don't mind, If you have the Seafrogs long macro port (I'm just assuming 'cause you mentioned the 90mm macro), which of the two ports (long macro and 8 inch dome) is taller/longer from mount to end if placed mount down on a surface. If the long macro is taller, is it by a lot?
  10. Those are some stunning pics! That first fan one is lovely. Really nice clean corners as well. Thanks for the samples, cool to see some good results.
  11. https://seafrogs.com.hk/collections/flat-ports/products/flat-long-port-for-a6xxx-series-salted-line-sony-70-200mm-f4-lense From the above link, I would guess it is the same size as the A7 one so that's disappointing. Will probably have to try another lens.
  12. Thank you Barmaglot, once again very helpful! I'm glad that the adapter fits, that's one ticked box at least. My gut feel, from looking at pics of the dome attached is that my 10-18 probably won't fit and if it does, like you say, there will probably compromises in quality that render the size of the dome pointless. I think I will try and convince Seafrogs to sell me the extension port from the port system for the 70-200 f4, that should give the lens the right amount of room I think. I really appreciate your comment!
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