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  1. Thank you, that is super helpful!! I would probably use a similar setup to your temporary one. I freedive in pretty shallow, turbulent water and need to be able to hold onto something to steady myself with one hand and shoot with the other at the same time. Those pics are great, I really appreciate you going to the effort!
  2. Thank you, that’s really helpful! The magnified lcd is an interesting idea.
  3. Hi there, I'm interested in both the Seafrogs housings for sony A7 and A6300 camera's. Not having ever used one I can't really tell whether the housings are narrow enough to use back-button focus and still access the shutter button one-handed or whether they might be a little too chunky for this. Another possible issue is the size of the viewfinder, how large and detailed are they on Seafrogs housings? Are they clear enough to clearly compose your images and check focus or are they really just to give one a rough idea of what you're shooting? If you've any experience with these housings I would really appreciate your input! Thanks
  4. Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa, We have a spectacularly diverse and gorgeous coastline with a vibrant, temperate kelp forest ecosystem that consistently blows me away every time I dive. Needless to say I take my camera with me every time. I’m looking to gain any useful tips and tricks on underwater photography and possibly hunt down some new gear! all the best from the Cape, Ruben
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