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  1. Rc mode on the Tg-6 will trigger only Ikelite DS strobes with this attached in TTL mode. RC1 Olympus & Panasonic TTL Receiver for DS Strobes (ikelite.com) Any of their strobes will work. Also the Backscatter MF2 will also work in RC mode with only a fiber optic cable to trigger TTL mode Otherwise all strobes will run in manual only for the TG-6 TTL mode on both of the above-mentioned strobes work quite well. If you're using your strobe in manual mode, all you need is the fiber optic cable. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Can I ask what's included and a couple of photo's would be nice. Thank you.
  3. Yes it is, less one strobe though. I sold one to a friend. I just used it in Indonesia for 2 weeks and took a few photo's with it.
  4. Hi , Still very happy with the housing. It’s just a little fidly and you just need to be careful placing the camera inside the housing and taking it out. Other that that I’m really happy with the setup. I also just purchased the Backscatter mini flash 2 to use when doing macro and snooting.
  5. Hi, is this still for sale? Also where are you located ? Cheers
  6. Afternoon, I have a Nikon Z50 with a Nauticam housing and was wondering if anyone has had experience with these little systems ? The I turtle flash trigger. Also wondering if they will fit the Nauticam housing. Thanks
  7. Awesome video, the fish life is mind blowing
  8. Price drop $6000 AUD plus shipping. Will ship world wide.
  9. Hey Guys, I have for sale the following system. It is about 18 months old. I would like to sell this as whole if possible. I'm based in Australia. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. I would also include a travel bag system for the whole setup for free. We all know the cost of this set-up. Looking at $6450.00 AUD plus shipping. I'm neg on price, just no crazy offers. The rear screen has a few scratches on it, nothing to inhibit seeing the shot. A few gravel rashes on the bottom of the housing and the WWL-C The glass on the dome port is in perfect condition with zero scratches or blemish's. The following is included in the sale: 1. Nauticam Z50 Housing, Pro version. Which includes the travel bag. 2.M16 Vacuum valve II system. 3.Hand strap. 4.N120 Extension port with lock for macro lens. 5.2 x Big blue arms 6.2 x Nauticam short arms 7. 2 x Nauticam 3-way ball clamps. 8.2 x Big blue clamps. 9.3 x Naticam ball clamps. 10.2 x YSDJ-2 Strobes + fiber optic cables. 11.2 x Enloope Battery packs and chargers. 12. Kraken focus light. 13. 1 x Nauticam quick release for macro lens. 14. M67 Bayonet mount sytem II. 15. Nikon Z50 camera. with 2 x genuine batteries. 16. Nikon MC macro lens 50 mm. 17.1 x 50-200MM topside lens. 18. 1 x Nauticam WWL-C wide angle lens. 19. 1 x Nikon 16x 50 lens
  10. They sure are, just bought one and couldn't be happier
  11. I just came back from a Trip to Indo. I went to Nusa Penida and dived with Octopus Dive. Highly recommended. If you do go looking for the Mola Mola it does get cold. It went from 28 deg to about 19 deg once we hit 40 meters. Sadly, we didn't see them. Tulamben is awesome, the USAT Liberty wreck is magic! Make sure you do at least 3 dives on it. She is a big wreck and so much to see. As others have said definitely wide angle and macro there I used Blue Season Bali for that trip, also dive Ahmed as well. Here is a couple of pics. All shore diving too which is fantastic. Just make sure you have some good boots, dam large pebbles lol. Hopefully you will have a ball and enjoy the diving. I dived a 2mm wetsuit whilst I was there. Here are a few of my hack photos of the wreck
  12. Thanks for the tip. will do that. Yes, they are super tiny lol
  13. Yes I have used it under water with a Nikon Z50 in a Nauticam housing I used a focus light because the Z50 is average in low light. Here are a couple of images I took.
  14. The Istotta is a 67MM thread. The pins were in the way, like you said, the port has very small indents for those tiny screws. So I took them out, threaded the lens on. lined it up. Then I moved the screws to the outside and locked it in more to stop the spinning of the bayonet mount. Seems to work and everything is locked in. Thanks for the reply
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