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    Enjoy both still and video underwater photography and volunteering at our local marine conservations organizations both on live shoots and donating media. As a retired PADI instructor, I now lead dive trips, mostly abroad to “bucket list” locations. Seeking to become more active in social media and am always learning.

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  1. Hello All, I am seeking an INEXPENSIVE software or APP - for a PC to catalog and quick edit or trim- the massive amount of video clips I have amassed. I use Lightroom - and love it, for my MAC and image files, but Lightroom is not really set up for video. I would love to be able to send out a video clip catalog to prospective clients - any suggestions? - FYI - when I google Software for Video Catalog- I mainly get software to catalog “Commerical Movies” - for people who purchase and have “movie collections” - not home movies (or in my case, underwater video). Many thanks- R
  2. Steve, Hello, thanks for sharing above. We too have State Farm - we pay several up-charges for Prof. Photo Equipment- on independent “ Photographic Equipment Article Listing” with all our camera gear- and yes you have to include S/N and receipts for purchase for all items covered. We have never had a claim. After 34 years of camera work, and thousands of dives, I flooded my Nikon D850 in an Ikelite housing when the shark cage hit a surge and bumped the housing in Guadalupe last week. Of course that camera is no longer for sale new- and the housing may be fixed according to Ikelite by replacing electronics. I am unsure how to claim on insurance- if I even should after reading about the rate increases in home owners. (We live in FL and home insurance is bad enough between hurricanes, sink holes and flooding). The total rig is about 6K. There is a clause for “a set pair” - of items being covered as well, since the housing really can’t be used without a camera inside. What did you claim? Failure to maintain or product failure is NOT covered, but this really was an accident. I understand this is kinda a personal ? The policy honesty is difficult to understand and I probably should have asked more questions when I purchased it. (Live and learn) It appears the “replacement cost” is covered, for similar or “like” camera. Hmm, I guess that means used? I appreciate any feedback. Many thanks, Rich. PS - bummer happened of course on morning of 2nd day, luckily at least I had the gopro 8 to play with. Great trip all the same.
  3. Hello- Rich and Laura Howard here. We are a husband and wife underwater photography/video team based in Tampa, FL. We absolutely love Wetpixel and have viewed some of the world’s best photos here. We are trying to become more social media savvy and want to tap in to the vast experience on all types of topics within this group. We started our underwater stock business, Oceans Of Images. Com in 1997 and have been going strong ever since. There have been tons of changes (yes we still have thousands of 35mm slides) and we are excited to be part of this community. We currently shoot with Nikon D810 in an Ikelight housing and just upgraded to a Panasonic GH5 with a Nauticam housing- along with our pack of GoPro’s. We now focus on leading Photography Dive Trips - Liveaboards mostly, based on “bucket list” locations (Red Sea, Guadalupe, Thailand) and working as volunteers with our local marine conservation organizations. Looking forward to learning and helping out in any way we can. - Rich/Laura Www.Oceansofimages.com
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