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  1. *Like New* IKELITE 200DL Housing Kit for Canon EOS R6 with case I purchased this housing last year for a dive project that fell through. Because of that, I’ve only used it twice, and both shoots were surface work only (capturing over/under shots of fly fishing and paddle boarding). This housing has never been at depth and is in like new condition. The current included port extensions are setup for the RF 15-35 f2.8 lens, but these can be added/subtracted as needed for other lenses. Kit includes: -200DL housing for R6 -8 inch dome lens port -50mm lens port extension -28mm lens port extension -right handle and shutter extension -zoom focus gear -vacuum pump -Nanuk 955 hard sided travel case -all necessary accessories + tools Total value MSRP: $3,185.00 Asking price: $2,500.00 (free shipping included for continental US) text 815-517-8549 for details/if interested. Thank you!
  2. Great, I will look into these offerings! Thank you
  3. I am pretty new to underwater photography / housings. Apologies if this is a dumb or obvious question, but I figured this would be the quickest way to get some (good) info. I have a few concept shoots in mind using a housing (not necessarily underwater, more so over/under split photos on the surface) and was wondering if there are any housing/strobe combo's that allow for off camera strobe usage? And if so, what are some recommendations for pro quality equipment that is capable of this? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello! I am a diver and professional photographer. Joining here to read through some information about housings and learn more about underwater work! Cheers!
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