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  1. Mush is probably dramatic, I have been shooting wide angle for like two days so I don't really know much difference from bad to extreme. Spoke with Kevin from ReefPhoto and send him some sample pictures and I'm gonna upgrade to the 140mm dome. I was using the right extension (no extension) and was at F11 with the issues
  2. Just did my first two days of diving with my 4" minidome and 8-15mm fisheye on the Canon R5. Buying a bigger dome ASAP, corners are MUSH. I saw an old post of you recommending a 180mm glass, does that still stand true?
  3. Appreciate it! Trying to get better with it off rip
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm mainly frustrated that the front of the imperial is in focus but even the rhinophores aren't. I think I was in the upper f20s, I still have a rudimentary grasp of aperture. The kahuna was ~the size of my fingernail. Appreciate the feedback!
  5. Hey guys! Yesterday was my first day shooting supermacro with the Canon RF 100mm and SMC-1. Using the Backscatter MF-1 and snoot. Definitely missed the lighting a little on the second Imperial shot, and didn't use the snoot for the Kahuna, so it's not as isolated. I'm having a hard time getting more than just one spot to focus. I am using Spot AF and the SMC-1 already has a working distance of only ~55mm, so I possibly wasn't close enough. Please give me constructive criticism, I've only been shooting for a month and want to improve! https://imgur.com/a/5NSEpfX
  6. Hey Adam. After reading this I am question my most recent purchase. I have an EOS R5 and I just got the 8-15 fisheye with a 1.4x kenko teleconverter and a 4" zen dome. While this is largely for CFWA, am I also going to suffer from super soft corners when trying to shoot reefscapes?
  7. My favorite shot from my first month-ish of shooting. I'm loving this. https://imgur.com/a/EI99nOg Imgur seems to have toasted the resolution a little bit but I got a print of this guy (12x18) and am really excited for it to arrive.
  8. Holy shit Roatan looks gorgeous! I need to make it there
  9. I appreciate the feedback greatly! I was only using a video light (with a snoot lol). I definitely got ahead of myself, and the backscatter MF-1 they sent was defective so I had to mail that back. Excited for that to arrive back so I can get better lighting and black backgrounds. Definitely did as much research as I could on technique, etc., before I went underwater
  10. Hello! My name is Ian and I'm attempting to become a professional underwater photographer. I'm an instructor and technical diver here in Hawaii, trying my best to get better at photo/videography. I have a Canon EOS R5 in a Nauticam, currently shooting macro with the RF 100mm lens. I'm very new and trying to learn how to get better and I know this is the place to do it!
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