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  1. Let me precise that delivery / posting of the strobe will be in US (not Greece), after you receive payment.
  2. Are by any chance the two Ikelite Extensions (Port and Modular) still available for sale ?
  3. Interesting fact : Since a couple of years ago, we start seeing lion-fish, especially in the southern part of Greece.
  4. If I understand correctly, Mark is offering to buy one strobe. Should you accept Mark's offer, I am willing to buy the second one.
  5. On a Red Sea liveaboard (not very crowded), I had the chance to dive with a staff member (also a photo enthusiast) - just the two of us on a shallow reef - two parallel solo dives - spending on each coral as much time as we pleased. He was actually very happy with the opportunity to skip "regular duties" for a an hour and enjoy a calm dive.
  6. Admin edit: All classifieds transactions to be conducted in the classifieds forum

  7. Hello

    Are your Ikelite FL Port Extensions 5510.28 & 5510.54 still available for sale ?

  8. Vassilis from Greece. Greetings to all. Though I am a film photographer since 1970, I have recently purchased my first digital DSLR - a Nikon 7100 with an Ikelite u/w housing. A challenge, I must confess !
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