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  1. Not a must have, but I have the camera so if I can find the housing at a good price then why not.
  2. What is the condition of the glass on the dome? From the picture it appears to have numerous nicks but that may just be the lighting. Also, does the WA-100 EP require at the EP08-EP port adapter to connect it to the housing?
  3. The Macro and Wide Angle guides for the E-PL10 are both already out and on the Backscatter website. Sorry, just realized you meant the video guide. Disregard
  4. If the Olympus camera and housing are still available I will take them.

  5. Backscatter makes a "No Burp" O ring that does exactly what you are looking for. The O ring goes between the housing and the lens and seal the water inside. This way you can burp your lens in the rinse tank and the water will stay there. I've used one with my Air Lens while on a liveaboard and and did not remove the lens for the entire week.
  6. Hello, I've been diving off and on since 1984. I've been diving a lot more lately thanks to my new dive partner, namely my wife. My primary interest is photography and teaching. I am a PADI Divemaster and SSI Assistant Instructor and I really enjoy working with new students.
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