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  1. I had that happen to me in 2017 on my way to Socorro. At the time, no one else on the Nautilus boat had that happen to them. So, they might be stepping up their game since then. The one thing I WAS told was that I wouldn’t have to pay the fee again next time I came through Mexico, as long as I had that papers Customs gave me. So now those papers are permanently in a zip lock bag in my dive bag. Were any of you who got hit with the fee told that?
  2. I did fine with my 10-17 Tokina lens. The sharks get real close, so you would want a wide-angle. As for tips, here are some of my randon thoughts - try to place yourself at a cage corner so you have two angles to shoot from - dramamine, dramamine, dramamine....even if you don't normally get sea sick, the boat ride out might easily push you over line - Try to get bookings in Nov, I heard that's when the biggest sharks start arriving. - If Nautilus doesn't work out, consider the Islander....not nearly as nice of a boat but they have an excellent safety record and really care for the safety of both the passengers and the sharks.
  3. I hope it's appropriate to ask this. Let me know if another forum is the best place for this question Have any of you ever travelled with Blue o Two for their Red Sea trip? Also, has anyone ever taken the Ultimate Red Sea itinerary? From looking at the website (https://blueotwo.com/boats/m-y-blue-melody/729e5bc56792e07bb11f727fd97ade81), the trip seems cover top sites in both the North and Southern Rea Sea. Most itineraries look like they make you choose between North and South. So, I am liking the Ultimate Rea Sea itinerary because it gives a little of both. If any one has travelled with Blue o Two and/or did a Ultimate Red Sea-like itinerary, I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences. I'd also welcome anyone's thoughts on the subject matter of picking a good liveaboard itinerary for diving the Red Sea. Thanks Svati
  4. Highly recommend Prescription Dive Mask. You send them your mask and they send it back with your prescription. They correct for astigmatism and offer bifocal to read your dive computer.
  5. For better piece of mind and if you are an iPhone user, consider slipping an Apple AirTag in your luggage. I did for my last trip and was able to track my suitcase with it. If for some reason your bag doesn’t make the flight, you can at least know where in the world your suitcase ended up.
  6. Hi. I’m Svati from Chicago! I’ve been a certified diver since 1999. I’m one of a few South Asian American female divers. My notable dive trips include Palau, Socorro, & Rotan. I’ve dove all over the Caribbean. I started underwater photography in 2014. I’m an avid photographer both above and underwater water. I joined Wetpixel to learn from a group of divers who love underwater photography. I currently use a Coolpix W300 and a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR + Ikelite housing as my underwater gear. I am planning a trip to the Red Sea and would love suggestions on liveaboards and itineraries. Look forward to interacting with everyone
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