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  1. I am selling my Compact Camera kit cause I upgraded to Nikon Z full frame. Nauticam NA-RX100VII Housing for Sony DSC-RX100 VII Digital Camera Pro Package Selling: €1100 https://www.nauticam.com/collections/sony-compact-camera-housings/products/na-rx100vii-housing-for-son-dsc-rx100-vii-digital-camera?variant=32634258161757 Nauticam N50 short port 17 with Bayonet mount Selling: €150 https://www.nauticam.com/products/n50-short-port-17-with-bayonet-mount Nauticam Wet Wide Lens for Compact Cameras (WWL-C) 130 deg. FOV with compatible 24mm lenses Selling: €700 https://www.nauticam.com/products/wet-wide-lens-compact-wwl-c-130-deg-fov-with-compatible-24mm-lenses Sony RX100 VII + 3 extra batteries Selling: €800
  2. More good news on the topic. With the help of @Moodog we managed to compare the distance from the Nikon camera flange to the top of the Nauticam housing on: Nikon Z6 and my Nikon Z6 II with the new slider modification from above. Though our measurements are not that scientific - the difference is only 0.5mm (e.g. 0.8% difference) between the 2 setups and it could be purely because of they way we measured on each end and/or measurement tools we used. Which tells me that the new adaptor should work great.
  3. Glad to be of help. Yesterday I got the SLS print of the adapter. You can see how it fits.
  4. Does it have any scratches on the glass? Thanks
  5. Thank you. Next thing on the list - Zoom gear for lens that are not on Nauticam's catalog.
  6. I am looking for Nauticam WWL-1B. I don't mind if it has scratches on the body, just not big ones on the glass. Please PM me if you want to get rid of yours.
  7. I would much appreciate if someone that owns the new Nauticam NA-ZII housing and is willing to measure the distance from the camera flange to the end of the housing where a port should be connected. This will confirm 100% that the fit is exactly as on the new housing. Or I can adjust the model of the new holder/slider.
  8. In another thread I mentioned I managed to convert my Nauticam NA-Z7 housing to fit the newer Nikon Z6/Z7 II cameras. I've been asking about that Nauticam and few dealers, but seems no one has tried to do it and Nauticam decided to release a newer version (which is expected as housing producer). After measuring and experimenting with the position of the camera and the original slider I came up with a 3D printer top part of the camera holder/slider. (If someone needs the STI file for printing - let me know by PM). The original Z6/Z7 is 2mm thinner than the new Z6/Z7 II, but it seems that these extra 2mm on the newer camera are mostly in the back. So I designed a new 3D printed slider that compensates for the new thickness. I can confirm that all the buttons work perfect and as you can see on the pictures - they are aligned great to the housing push mechanisms. One thing to consider is the top right rotating button on the camera. On the housing it has a spring mechanism, but it has around 4mm of travel thus it's also fine and you do not need to remove 2mm from its rubber to compensate. Steps: You need to remove around ~1.3-1.4mm from the top limiter rubber pins of the housing that supports the camera near the flash connector (I've included pictures) 3D Print the new part for the Camera Holder/Slider (the blue one) - I used FDM print at 50% fill PLC material and it cost me 5€. You can use ABS material as well and/or 80-100% fill which should be stronger, but I doubt it's needed. *) I've also ordered SLS print now (20€) and will post update here if it's necessary better Move the metal pin from the old holder to the new 3D printer one (picture included) Remove the original top part of the camera holder/slider and install the 3D printed one. Enjoy and post feedback here! I have spare 2pcs from the initial versions of the new holder. They are not perfect, but can be used without a problem. If someone is interested - PM me. (you can see then in the last picture) Here you can see all the pictures and details of the result: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VrtpPggBuLzxIbv19X19sVbk_w00Hb-k?usp=sharing
  9. Thanks to all of you for the advices! From what I am reading seems that Sony 28-60mm is the best option for WWL-1B. I measured the distance from the Nikon Z6 II flange to the housing end and it's 67mm. The new Macro port 12 has 34.9mm length by Nauticam spec. The port flange is 14.5mm and port 67mm front thread/flange is ~15-16mm which in total gives 4.5-5.5mm internal free length. Combining the port and the housing free space should give ~71-72mm effective length from the camera flange to the port glass. Sony FE 28.60mm should be 69.3mm at max extension. Seems like I should give it a try to this setup. I will report back if this was successful and/or if there are any limitations. The easy part for the Sony 28-60mm is the Zoom ring - I will 3D print one. @ChrisRoss I think you're right about the housing difference internal free space. But I think you're mistaken about the port extension. IMHO there should be 30mm less port extension because the Z camera sits 30mm far back in the housing compared to Sony. I measured my FTZ adaptor and it is 28.6mm so the calculations makes sense to compensate for FTZ length.
  10. From what I've read on the different topics one of the best choices for Nikon Z7 II combined with WWL-1B would be one of the Sony lenses plus Megadap converter: - SE 28-60mm - SE 28-70mm That said can anyone suggest proper port for the Nauticam housing or suggest better suited lens for the WWL-1B? I've got the Z6 II with Nikon Z 14-24mm + 8" Dome, but as I read and read more I start to feel that a Sony lens + WWL-1B would be better choice for UW. Thanks
  11. Hello to Everyone, I am Svilen from Bulgaria. Certified technical diver, but recently started shooting underwater more seriously as I got a Sony RX100 VII rig with Sea & Sea D3 strobes a year and half ago and I kinda ditch the technical diving for UW shooting hah. Very keen on diving and helping others become divers. I've been reading the forum for quite some time and I think I can share something interesting now. As usual I couldnt withstand not taking my better camera - Nikon Z6 II - underwater, so I got my hands on a used Nauticam NA-Z7 box with some ports, etc. just to realise my Z6 II does not fit. Yes, I had to read about that before I made the purchase, but nonetheless I started experimenting and even though Nauticam and all dealers suggested I shall buy the new box - I managed to convert the box to fit Z6 II camera. Thus I'd like to share my experience and how you can do it yourself so no need to upgrade the expensive and great Nauticam box for Z6/Z7 along with the Nikon body.
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