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  1. Moderators, let me know if this isn't allowed and I will remove! Not camera gear...but the perfect opportunity for you to use your camera gear. Most of the camera equipment I purchased was for this trip...which I now can't go on I'm looking for a female to take my spot in a quad berth on the Plancius for an Antarctic cruise from Feb 1-11 in 2023. The spot could also go to a non-diver, who could just enjoy the penguin rookeries, kayaking, etc. of the topside cruise! Cost is just under $9k (including extra diver add-on); it's an early-bird rate, since I booked over a year ago. Info is here: https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/antarctica/cruises/pla28-23-antarctica. I'm very sad I can't go on this trip...it turns out I will be working in Antarctica instead --- but not diving!!
  2. Wow --- somehow I never got a notification and didn't see this response!! The trip I was going to use all this gear on was canceled (covid) so I stopped looking and actually still need housing for the camera! Sorry I missed this chance
  3. Updating this: I'm now primarily looking for the NAUTICAM NA-TG6 HOUSING! Give me a shout if you've got one you're interested in selling
  4. Hi friendly UW photovideographers! I've just bought an Olympus TG6 and am trying to build my setup for the camera. I've got most of what I need, and am looking to pick up the few final items used / second-hand: Stix Jumbo Float for ULCS Arms Olympus LI-92B Battery + Charger Nauticam Bayonet Mount Lens Holder A compatible wide-angle lens AND the BIG ONE: Nauticam NA-TG6 Underwater Housing
  5. (Also curious to hear tips for adjusting GoPro 10 videos in Lightroom!)
  6. I also just bought a GoPro Hero 10 --- any tips on the best settings to use for capturing video? (e.g. "Narrow" vs. "Linear," steadiness, lighting settings, etc.?) I found that my old GoPro (Hero 5) was often pretty bouncy, even when I had the stabilizing option on. Also, interestingly, in low light the video always came out better than still photos did. Settings seem especially important because the low-tech housing I've used doesn't let you manipulate the touch screen underwater
  7. Hi! I'm a New England-based diver who loves shore-diving year-round and laughing at lobsters. I'm just getting into photography underwater and I can tell there's a lot to learn. I'll be diving in Antarctica in Feb 2022 and am hoping to capture some amazing images and footage underwater there. I'm excited to join WetPixel! - MEG
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