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  1. Hi Tom. I’ve just bought Fujimi FJBH-Z1 tripod head and found it very useful at first glance. It can be attached to monopod or tripod in various ways and also can work without monopod and tripod. Here are some pics of this device.
  2. That is cool that you live in a place, where salmons can be seen so close!
  3. Hello, need your advices on placing and fixating GoPro on the bottom of the river or lake from the shore. I thought about using 10 m fishing rod with a rope, fixing GoPro with waterproof light on the end of the rope. Also I want to attach feeder with fish food to this construction. But also I would like to add some heavy plate under this construction that will hold GoPro, light and feeder stable on the bottom of the river or lake. I thought about using 10 m fishing rod and centrepin reel to put this construction slowly on the bottom of the river or lake. What do you think about this idea and do you know what can be used as a heavy plate? Maybe there are some that are manufactured by some companies?
  4. Hello to everybody! Few days ago I’ve bought Olympus tg-6 to take photos of the life creatures that inhabit rivers, lakes and ponds in Moscow region (Russia). Now it is winter here with lots of snow and cold temperatures below zero. But some rivers are not totally frozen. I am thinking about examining the underwater creatures from the shore with this camera attached to long hand monopod. I will need to get somewhere hand monopod of around 3 meters length with a head that can rotate 360 degrees in vertical direction to be able to attach camera not upside down. I’m attaching the sketches of this construction)) Does anybody know if I can buy somewhere such devices?
  5. Hi! My name is Andrey. I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’ve bought Olympus TG-6 few days ago to try to examine the creatures of our rivers, lakes and ponds. Hope will get some advices on underwater photography in fresh waters here.
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