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  1. For Sale; Panasonic HVX 202 and Gates housing in excellent condition Asking $5,900 Australian dollars This kit has only done light work on tv programs and doco's and is well looked after. Includes: -Panasonic HVX-202 P2 camera -Gates HVX-200 Housing with all controls (man/auto focus, man/auto iris, ND filters, WBal A-B-Preset/manual, Gain, User 1-2-3, scene files, flip in-out CC filter, mic, zoom, record, power on/off) -Fathom SWP full zoom through port -Gates standard dome port -Float tubes (for SWP port) -P2 cards (2x 32GB, 2x 8GB) -3 camera batts and charger -tools -lowepro roller case
  2. Hi Jack, I'm interested in the lens, can you shoot me a pm? Matt
  3. Diving at Heron Island on great barrier reef in feb 2011. Plenty of porites corals there but no signs of pink bleaching.
  4. I'm after a pro underwater stills photographer for an underwater pool shoot in Melbourne on Saturday October 23 The client has asked for a 21m slr so they can get 63mb files. Can you also let me know what lenses you have? If anyone is interested you can email me at: mattguest555@gmail.com Cheers, Matt.
  5. Does anyone know if the Tokina 11-16mm zoom will work with a Subal Fish-eye port? If not, can it be used with any of the Subal ports or with an extension? Thanks.
  6. I'm selling my underwater HD kit which can be sold separately without the camera and P2 card etc.. The gear is in excellent condition and consists of: Gates HVX 200 and 200A/202 Underwater housing and Heavy Duty 'Mastercases' road case with wheels and slide-out handle (see pics)[/size] The kit includes: SWP44 super wide dome port (with a 120 degree field-of-view and full zoom through capability) 2x base plates or trays for HVX200 & 200A Gates 110mm large LCD color monitor Floatation tubes 2x sets of o-rings Tools & instruction book Price: US$7,800 with case (50% off brand new price) Panasonic HVX 202 camera[/size]: brand new condition with 22 hours of use in studio 8Gig P2 card Large 5400m/ah battery and charger Instruction book & all cables and remote Barry Green HVX book Price: US$3,500 Housing controls: Power On/Off Record Zoom Iris - Man/Auto Focus - Man/Auto ND Filters Wht Bal Set Wht Bal - Preset/A/B User 1&2 Gain - Preset/A/B Focus Assist P2/Tape select Color Correction Filter - Flip in/out You can email me at info@oceaniaimagery.com for more details. Matt.
  7. Thanks for the response boys! Josh I was just wondering what settings to use for general shooting? CineV? Just so I get a clean un-videolike image. Paul thanks for your info. Cheers, Matt.
  8. I was wondering if anyone could advise on optimal settings to use on a Panasonic HVX 200 when shooting hi-def underwater? I've got a shoot coming up soon so I'm trying to get this sorted before the job. I read a topic a while back where Drew was saying he was going to post the best HVX 200 settings for low noise etc... Any feedback would be appreciated muchly. Cheers, Matt.
  9. I've got 2x Nikonos SB105's for sale with TLC arms if you're interested? Matt.
  10. Up for sale is a Subal fish-eye (model fe-02) dome port in perfect condition. I've had it for a couple of years and only used it on about 8 to 10 dives and have kept it wrapped in its neoprene cover in a pelican case. It takes these lenses and more... Nikon: 10.5mm fe, 12-24mm, 16mm fe and more Canon: All fish eye and wide etc.. Price is $995 USD including shipping, 33% off new price. I'm also selling a range of nikon lenses in perfect to very good condition: 16mm fish-eye 105mm f2.8 macro 24mm f2.8 wide 70-300mm tele-zoom (105-450mm) I'm happy to offer a good discount on the lot with the dome port. Contact me on info@oceaniaimagery.com for more info. Matt.
  11. Wanted to buy: Gates Z1 or FX1 housing in very good condition. If anyone has one to sell can you please list the controls and accessories including ports etc.. and of course the price! Thanks, Matt.
  12. Would you sell the housing separately from the camera? If so, what is the price? Thanks, Matt.
  13. Mike can you show photos of the kit please?
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