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  1. NAUTICAM NA-A9 HOUSING Can be used with either the SONY A9 or a SONY A7RIII. Price 2100.00 INCLUDES: A7rIII mod kit currently installed and camera mount sled for the SONY A9 along with instruction sheet. It takes 1 minute to change over from A7rIII to A9. NAUTICAM CASE Port caps Instruction manual on USB Stick Integrated Vacuum Monitoring and Leak Detection Vacuum System Reset Button Port Locking Lever Locking Housing Latches Ergonomic Rubberized Handles with Stainless Steel Support Brackets Extensive Accessory Lineup Tripod Mounting Balls HDMI PORT for External Monitor
  2. Wondering if the internal lights on the LAOWA 24mm are being used in addition to video lights. Does the housing accomodate the power USB attachment to a power source in the housing?
  3. A very important topic indeed. The most concerning as of late hads been finding some of my images photoshopped cropped and reversed. There has to be some program that embeds some type of hidden signature or metadata that can be searched on google when looking for possible theft or misuse of our images.
  4. Harry Rabin here from On the Wave Productions and the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences. I've been a wetpixel reader for well over 10 years and great to have an informative forum for Underwater Photography. We have produced several shows for Sharkweek, Natgeo specials and more and a great forum to find great pertinent information and tips for what we do...We are also the founders of REEFGUARDIANS.ORG giving back to the ocean and all who dwell within it.
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