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  1. thanks phil. too bad it doesn't also focus in telescope position directly on the dome glass. your feedback is important to me because nauticam doesn't clearly describe this on their homepage. this setup makes a very good impression according to various statements and of course also your detailed review in the uwp. the advantages also outweigh for me quite clearly.
  2. Thanks Alex for your answer. Yes I had something like that in mind that I read that once. but that from this attempt that the WACP1&2 were developed I did not know...interesting. The function of the dome is clear, the light correct angle for the subsequent lenses to break and that in the medium water. According to my physical understanding, however, the light must be directed exactly straight out of the wwl1 when it exits (on the back side in the direction of the port). this is the only way for the light to reach the lens and then the sensor of the camera correctly. the light is therefore directed exactly straight through the water and the port glass and there are some reflection losses. i can't say how great the influence on the image quality is, but according to my logic it should definitely not be worse.
  3. to add to a post above...i wonder how the wwl1 would behave when mounted "dry" to the port like the wacp1&2. i don't know if the dimensions of the port would fit but theoretically the port glass could be removed and the wwl1 with thread could be glued to the port. the thread could be shortened to the right length beforehand. this would bring some advantages compared to the wet mounting from my point of view...but of course macro converters are no longer usable.
  4. Thank you for your information phil. that helps me a lot. Especially the sun in the picture is one of the most important means of image composition for me. I need to do more research on this. few example pictures below with my small camera to show you what I mean... and yes, the a1 really looks like an amazing camera. if it had a folding display, I would have been weak :-) I am aware of the differences between small and large sensors in theory, but I think I will have to borrow an FF camera for a few days to experience the differences in the wide angle, especially CFWA to see the depth of field on different apertures. But with your pictures I can get already very well an impression, especially because you have given the iso values. High aperture values but also high iso values. each system has its advantages and disadvantages. one last question: does the wwl1 focus directly in front of the dome at any focal length? i.e. also at 60mm? Thanks alot, Samuel
  5. Hi @Phil Rudin´╗┐, thank you very much for your detailed information about the 28-60 and wwl1 combo in this and other posts. i would like to upgrade my 1 inch compact camera to a high resolution a7 camera soon. could you possibly make a statement as it is with flares when the sun is in the picture? with my current setup (rx100 + fantasea uwl09) the flares are very strong and i often have problems while focusing when the sun is in the picture and i'm in more shallow water. Another point that interests me is the aperture range when taking photos in wide angle. is that often the range f5.6-8 or f8-11 or f11-16?or as a specific example with CFWA images, do you have to stop down as much for a larger depth of field? It is clear to me that you can not make a general statement here but i started with the rx100 a few years ago and a too small depth of field was never a problem in any situation. thank you samuel
  6. Hello, underwater photography is a big hobby of mine and i started with an rx100 a few years ago. Now I'm at the point of upgrading my setup and came across this forum to broaden my horizons a bit. i myself come from switzerland and actually dive everything from dark freshwater lakes to tropical reefs. Write to me if you have any questions :-)
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