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  1. Thank you for your help. Finaly I asked to Ikelite and they answered to me very quickly. I copy/past the answer, maybe it will usefull one day for an other one. The extension has a bayonet mount. When you look into the dome you will see a small hole in the extension. Line this up with the upper left port lock on the housing. Push the port onto the housing and then rotate clockwise until it stops. Then install the L-shaped lock piece to prevent it from rotating. Here are the complete instructions: https://docs.ikelite.com/instructions/5510.11-instructions.pdf If after rotate clockwise until it is stop, the thread is not at 3 o clock you will need to loosen and re-align the shade so that the post for the lock is at 3 o’clock.
  2. Hello, I bought an ikelite 5110.45 8" dome with the 5510.11 extension for an old D750 transparent housing fl port system. It is to use with the sigma 15mm fisheye f2.8 so conform with your chart https://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-fl-system.pdf and I read some of you use this system (5510.45 + 5510.11) But I can't mount them on the housing. First try : I screw the dome on the extension. I can not insert the extension in the housing because the fixation system is in his high position and they block the insertion. And even if I could, after I will not have access to the fixing system to block it. Second try : I fix the extension in the housing and I screw after the dome on the extension. But know I can not screw it at his maximum because the fixation system in his low position block again. I know it is not screw enough because I can unscrew with a little finger. Moreover I try too take a photo and the sun visor is horibly visible on the shot. How do you assembly this system on your housing ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I am Emmanuel. A french diver who practice photography since 15 years and the underwater photography since 5 years. Unfortunately I don't dive enough for my taste and therefore I don't have a large photo library of underwater photos. I am member of a french underwater photography forum too. I am happy to share my hobby with you.
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