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  1. Hi, I'm interested in buying your package. Is it still available?
  2. Thanks for the quick replies! Yeah the big domes seem to much for me. So you wouldn't consider cheaper alternatives to the wwl-1? The Inon uwl-H100 with dome cover seemed interesting to me. Yes, thats correct. It was pretty dark. The over-under was taken at iso 640, f1,8 and 1/3s shutter. But at iso>300 the shadows become just noise. It took a lot of attempts to get a steady shot in the waves. The image is so blurry because water clings to my inon. Its old. And yeah when I read about the dynamic range improvement compared to the RX100 I was a bit disappointed. the sensor of the a7c is so many times larger, but only gives 16% wider dyn. range? :c Do you mean I can't use a wwl with a seafrogs? Or do you mean I can't afford it and a new cam? Of course I'm keeping my eyes open for a used cam. And the gh5 and a6500 are pretty cheap used. Yes, I'll look some pages deeper in the classifieds.
  3. Hello everyone! After 6 years the time has come to upgrade my setup from compact to aps-c or higher. My current setup is : rx100m4 in sony housing + inon uwl100+ subsee+10 and noname 10k lumen video lights. - I love the flexibility because I like to explore and shoot what I find. I mostly use wide angle, but having the ability to switch to macro is awesome. I mostly shoot in the Mediterranean sea or german lakes. - Since I do most of my photography while freediving I move a lot and try to stay as compact as possible. -my budget is 3000€. No nauticam for me. -my biggest complains about my current setup are: noisy images in lowlight or very low contrast situations, low dynamic range (I love to have some light rays or watersurface on my wide shots), the fact that my wide lens cant really do over/under-shots I have been reading and researching for weeks now. Coming from compact cam to interchangeble-lens cams is a lot to take in. I have narrowed it down to buying an A6600 16-50mm, an A7C 28-60mm or a GH-5 12-60mm and a seafrog housing. Do you guys think I can make the FF cam work or would the necessary optics be out of my budget? Do any of you use one of these cams in seafrog housings? Did you find wetlenses that work well with it? Do you think the A7C would be beneficial for my usecase or could it even be worse for me? (Price, depth of field, lower flexibilty in this setup...) Sorry for the long text, thank you for your input! Attached: situations when I wished I had a better camera.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm Kay from Dresden, Germany. I have just completed my journey from the wetpixel Facebook group all the way to here. Ive been a scuba diver for 12 years, but do most of my photography while freediving. Ive been using my rx-100 in a budget setup consisting of a meikon (currently sony) housing, inon UWL2 wide angle lens and a subsea macro diopter and noname video lights for 6 years. Im here for your expertise, but if you need to know something about freediving, 3d-printing or engineering maybe I can be of help.
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