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  1. Stunning. So many creative shots... the lion mane jelly reveal had me hooked from the start! Awesome work.
  2. Maybe an outlier but thought I'd share my experience with the Square Grouper XL. I use it for local shore diving. Fresh water diving in N Minnesota so it's lives a pretty easy life going from my house to car and back. I love the size, the pockets - it's fits my Sony A7c/Nauticam, Inon Z330s or Kraken Solar Flare minis perfectly. Couple months ago the top bungee anchors started to unravel. Then a pocket shock cord pulled out. I reached out to Cinebags via email twice - gave them a couple weeks as they had an update in progress banner on the site. No response, so messaged them via Instagram, twice. No response. They did respond to my third email, sent me a return auth form to fill out, and offered one of their kit bags for my inconvenience. Emailed three times over a month to inquire about the repair, my third message got a "I'll check on it" reply. Bag came back with the top bungee anchors repaired but the pocket shock cord still torn out and no kit bag. I still like the bag but anticipate future off season sewing to keep it functional
  3. Hi Eric, wish I would have seen this earlier - my daughter is recently home from Randa, where she was woking as an au pair - She LOVED Switzerland!. At any rate, I'm interested in the port if you still have it. Ryan
  4. old thread but found it useful so thought I'd share what I came up with... Used a cold shoe mount, a GoPro Quick Release and an adhesive mount to attach my computer to my housing. Rotates horizontally which makes digital compass use a bit easier. Once in the water, the carry lanyard for my rig gets clipped to the bungee wrist straps should the mount fail for some reason. It's still wrist mountable via the bungee straps, but the adhesive GoPro mount makes it uncomfortable to use without a wet/drysuit sleeve.
  5. thanks for the data points... 5-18 years! and a good reminder to work the button after a salty dive. Not much sand round here - mostly muck.
  6. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - words to live by. I take pretty good care of the gear so hopefully it'll be a long time before I need "service". Thanks Tim.
  7. I've seen 2 years suggested as a starting point for Nauticam service. I dive fresh water, 40-50 dives/season with a salt water trip maybe every other year. Does it still make sense to send it in for service every 2 years? Imagine button o-rings are the primary reason. Thanks.
  8. Just the other day was thinking I should get a set of spares for my 45°... you just saved my like $80
  9. Really like the symmetrical framing - I might try it as a B&W.
  10. That's my guess as well. I think sync speed on your Sony is 1/250th... with faster and faster shutter speeds the black band gets bigger and bigger.
  11. All good points, but I don't shoot macro, and mainly in fresh water lakes where the background looks best a bit blurry. Wider apertures make the strobes job pretty easy and with panning blurs or portraits of moving fish I hope the beam angle will be about right for the image in my minds eye. One day I'll find something tiny at bottom of our blue/green lakes... and it'll be just like you said.
  12. I’m new to underwater photography, and wanted a snoot for controlling the light from my Inon Z330. The Inon snoot looks nice didn’t seem right to spend $220 on a set of ~6 snoots of which I’d be using just one or two, so decided to have a look in the plumbing dept. of my local hardware store… A 4” x 3” PVC adapter for sewer pipe fits perfectly. The sewer pipe adapter is thinner and lighter than the same sized drain pipe adapters. Drilled a couple holes for a bungee, added a bolt snap to easily stow it when not in use. For under $5 it might be just what I need. Didn't get mine at Home Depot but the dimensions of this match up with what I have - PVC S&D Increaser/Reducer Coupling Had a bunch of these around, removed the ball, knotted on the inside to secure - Ball Bungee Test shots are with a flash to wall distance of 18" (about 0.5m) Nothing extraordinary, but the perfect fit of the PVC fitting on the Inon was really surprising so thought I'd share. Be well ryan
  13. Greetings, I've been an occasional diver for ~30years. A wildlife photographer for nearly as long. Diving was infrequent enough that I never invested in anything beyond a GoPro for underwater use, but last summer I started diving Lake Superior and the local quarries regularly. A Sony A7c, a really nice Nauticam box and a couple Inons have me really excited about local diving. Had just a couple months with the new gear before the quarries froze over, but thought I'd share a little highlight reel of my favorite shots from my short summer. Looking forward to learning lots, and hopefully sharing ever better images. Be well Ryan
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