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  1. Dear all, I just bought a preowned GH5 camera set and it would be great if you can help me out on the configurations that work best for underwater videos. I have following equipment: GH5, Nauticam NA-GH5 2x X-Adventurerer M8000 Lights Olympus ED 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ WWL-1B Lens Blue Filters X-Adventurer 6m, 12m Red Filter Keldan M2 (5-12m), Red Filter Keldan SF-2 (2-15m) Whibal Grey Card I would have following questions regarding the best settings for filming with GH5 underwater: Lens: Is the Olympus comparable to the Panasonic 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. PZ Power O.I.S (besides that Panasonic has image stabilization)? ISO: Up to 800, maximum 1600 ISO at GH5 camera? Red Filter Usage of red filter (in combination with blue filters) recommended? Up to 15m or also below? Which is the better Keldan red filter (see image, they are quite different in colors) GH5 Settings Saturation -5, contrast -5? Which profile to use? Profile „Natural“ Profile „HLG“ or „V-LOG“ below 15m? Basically I am not that big fan of flat profiles as it means more working with color grading afterwards Focus mode: Auto focus continuous? Manual Exposure Mode Shutter Speed 180d White Balance with grey card, or also by setting color temperature manually? Electronic image stabilization: on/off? Metering mode? Multiple (maybe when filming reef) but when filming fish (center weighted or spot)? Focus peaking: on (does it work with auto focus)? Filming wide angle: f8 or higher Filming makro: f3.5, 3.2 or lower Histogram: on Back button focus? Usable? LUT Is a LUT recommended? Thanks a lot
  2. Hi, do you still use the HLG3 profile for filming under water or did you switch to Slog? Do you use a lut and do you transform to REC 709 in FCP? I am in the process of buying a Sony A7SIII so it would be great to share experience.
  3. Hi does anyone sell a pre owned Nauticam A7siii housing? Thanks
  4. Thanks a lot for your replies and comments. I now have in mind the gh6 or Sony a7s iii ( although the latter is above planned budget). If someone has review how the gh6 behaves underwater (low light situation) this would be great. Key question whether it outperforms gh5s or is somewhere between gh5 and gh5s. Stabilisation will be better than Sony.
  5. Thanks, is there any way to compare video of this Sony and gh6, are they comparable?
  6. Yes I think the blue filters on the lights are not strong enough and I have to exchange them. @Interceptor121 would you recommend to buy a Sony a7 iii s or s gh6 for videos? On Land there is the trend towards full frame cameras. However I do not like to spend so much money on the camera so the gh6 would be in budget. Are there already any tests for the gh6 underwater regarding white balance, dynamic range etc? Will it be as good as gh5?
  7. Do you do white balance just with ambient light or also video light? Can you post a link tongue boat trip? thanks
  8. Thanks a lot for your answer, very much appreciated. With just ambient light it is ok, but with video light (ambient filters) the situation is worse as depicted. Should the video light also shine on the grey card? But that is not easy as video light do not have the angle to directly highlight grey card in 20cm distance. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I am experimenting with Sony a7c with WWL1 wet lens and Keldan S2 red Filter. I am using 2 video lights X-Adventurer M8000 with Ambient Filter attached (blue filter). attached please find 2 images. One is taken from a video with using existing underwater white balance mode from camera. The next one with custom white balance using whibal grey card. This image is too red. Why does this happen? Do I need to hold grey card further away from camera so that also video light shines on it? This is rather difficult to put it further away than 20-30 cm in front of the lens (I have long arms but this is not easy…). thanks a lot Christoph
  10. Dear Interceptor121, I rented the Sony a7c (will like to buy new GH6) and used the camera first dive with WWL1 wet lens and m8000 lights with blue/ambient filters. I also used Keldan S2 red filter on wet lens. - do you recommend to use red filter for videos? - when setting custom white balance using whibal grey card the videos get reddish, this is not the case when using existing white balance setting for underwater in the menu, especially when using the lights. The lights have ambient filter on them. why does this happen? Do you have any tip? i can post video. Please see images here: thanks a lot, Christoph
  11. Would you go for a full frame camera or stick to Micro FourThird for underwater like the GH series?
  12. Primarily for shooting videos underwater and above water. Maybe with the Nauticam WWL1 lens or the macro CMC1-converter. Videos up to 60p in 4k. How is the white balance and colors compared to a Panasonic? The advantage is that this would be a rather compact system which also has IBIS. In YouTube I cannot find many samples of underwater videography with the Sony a7c. If you have some links it would be helpful. In the internet I found this review: https://reefphoto.com/blogs/trending/the-sony-a7c-underwater-shooting-full-frame-in-a-half-size-housing
  13. Hi all, does anyone have experience with the Sony A7C for underwater shooting, also compared to a Panasonic GH5/6? Do you recommend to buy such one? Kind regards, Christoph
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