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  1. Once again a shout of thanks to @TimG. I purchased my seconds Reta Prime from him and the transaction was smooth as silk.
  2. Hi Adam, Will you let me know if you decide to split? I have an rx100vii setup... but could pick n mix some more goodies! Paul
  3. Hi Jochen I would love to see this when you have it done! Paul
  4. Sounds great Tim. What itinerary did you do?
  5. Thanks Chris So.. if I'm reading that correctly, with the flip adaptor you must use the SMC rather than CMC close up lenses?
  6. I have seen a few forum members that have or have had the NARX100VII. If anyone of you is reading this - do any of you have any experience of using the Nauticam flip adaptor for the standard (square) port along with a close up lens? Im wondering if it is feasible to do this... And also the zoom range that this would work effectively in. I'd be grateful for any insight. Paul
  7. Thanks for all the input. Yes I am hoping for a cube or insert that will fit in a hand luggage spinner. Not for actual transportation on its own. Although it may be useful for trips to the pool for practice. There is a surprising amount of choice in this area..
  8. I know there are lots of these threads... And I am fairly sure I have read them all! I am wondering if anyone can recommend a camera cube or insert that would fit into a standard hand luggage case. I would ideally like it to fit the following gear.. but open to having some items in the hold: Nauticam NARX100Vii Sony RX100 2 x Retra Prime WWL-C Some arms floats and batteries.. chargers etc. I have been looking at this.. which looks like it might do the trick: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017XCYUIK/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_EQ047QVB44N707FWBW1R
  9. This is driving me mad. When changing shutter speed or aperture on this camera it displays an animation, which although pretty, really slows the process down. I can find instructions to turn it off on older models, but please can someone tell me how its done on the mark 7??
  10. Thanks @turandot This would seem to meet hand baggage requirements!
  11. @turandot This looks like a great bag. What are the actual external dimensions please? Amazon is a little inconsistent on the measurements!
  12. I am happy to say that I no longer require a Retra Prime. I have managed to secure an identical twin to the one I already have!
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