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  1. Hi JP, I have been thinking the same thing recently actually. I bought my 28-60 used for $250 and everything is going to be depending on it. I actually just received my housing, WWL1, and accessories yesterday!
  2. Very interesting! I'm in the very early stages of learning about this. I just got my first underwater housing and I'm starting with ambient light only. I'm sure I will be working through this mixed light problem soon, thank you for sharing your formula!
  3. Hey Blake! This is a great video and thank you for sharing! Today I finally placed the order for my new camera housing and WWL-1B. Sooooo stoked and can't wait to start using it. I am beginning with ambient light only just to keep it simple. Lights will come later for me.
  4. You are tempting me from deviating from my plan of building my A7Siii kit. Video is my focus though. Hmmm.
  5. Thanks for the reply Blake! It sounds like we're coming to the same conclusions, you're just several steps ahead of me. Do you really love the Keldan 4x lights? They look really nice, but I haven't committed to buying lights that expensive yet. Do you have any links to your content with the a6300 or anywhere you'll be sharing your A7Siii content? I'd be excited to see it! Best Riley
  6. Thanks for the tips Chris! I will be starting filming video in Cabo San Lucas and continuing on after that to Philippines, Indo, & Thailand. So I don't have any specific animal per say, but trying to have a kit that can do as much as possible with only one lens setup. Macro isn't really a priority at all for me. I'm thinking the bait balls and sea lions, & humpbacks in Cabo, corals, schools of fish, and cuttlefish in SE asia would be really fun. I can't really verify if the 28-60 & WWL-1 will do what I want until I try it. I've looked everywhere and seem to really enjoy the video content I can find coming from this combination, no way to be sure though (I guess). I'm sure trimming the housing will be very important as you said, I have seen bad trim issues cause problems and fatigue.
  7. The goal is to capture beautiful content for sharing via YouTube. I'm sure it will eventually progress into jobs if it goes well.
  8. This makes sense, thanks! I think I will start with the housing, lens, etc. Then lights will be next, and monitor last. I'm sure it's really nice to have a monitor.
  9. Hi all New member here, and I'm finally taking the steps to get my A7Siii underwater with me. I'm leaning towards the items below and would love to hear any input! I'll be 99% video and blue water diving is my main goal with this setup (trying to get the most versatile setup in one lens). Beginning in Cabo San Lucas to get my PADI Instructor later in 2022 and after that considering Philippines / Indonesia full time. I plan to document and share this journey with the A7Siii above and below water on my YouTube channel (getting this set up now). WetPixel has already been a fantastic source of information and inspiration, thank you! A7Siii (already own & use) Nauticam housing (haven't purchased yet) Sony 28-60mm lens (already purchased used) WWL-1 (haven't purchased yet) Lights are still to be determined (still so much to research/learn on lights) Beginning this without an external monitor, with practice I hope I can do this without one! Let me know what you think! I'll share my progress here if I can manage, or I'll add my YouTube link soon which would be much more efficient. Cheers! Riley
  10. Thank you both for the insight! I will see how far I can get without the monitor, hopefully I can make it work I'm really looking forward to this new journey.
  11. This is great info! My topside camera is currently Olympus, but it’s for sale and eventually I might grab an old A73 (for topside) so I can share lenses/batteries between cams and streamline my stuff. So so so excited! I’ve been endlessly reading and I’ve settled on the same kit I think you’re running, the WWL1 with 28-60. I’ve only ever taken a GoPro hero 5 underwater. So this is life changing, and I’m changing my life for it!
  12. Great videos Gary! I've watched them all. Big inspiration for me. I'm about to purchase a Nauticam housing for my A7Siii, do you feel at all limited on photos or do you mess with photo at all? My focus is on video for sure, but I'm sure I'll try some photos here and there. Riley
  13. WWL-1 (original) might even be better for me, so if you have one let me know!
  14. Do you know if the WWL-1B has a lanyard attachment point? I'm not sure if it's a true requirement, but I would like to have the option on a deep dive site especially. I see the original WWL-1 does have this as Chris mentioned above.
  15. I'm so excited to dive in Palawan again. The Philippines is so good. Love that place.
  16. Hi all, I'm new here and looking to take my A7S3 under with me for video. By nature I like to keep things simple and as streamlined as possible, so my proposed kit is Nauticam housing with WWL-1B (28-60) and a couple video lights. I never have used an external monitor filming topside (weddings, promotional videos, educational videos, etc). My question is, in your experience have you been able to shoot great video without an external monitor? The additional bulk and cost of the monitor/housing is not attractive to me, and I'm trying to grasp how difficult this will be without an external monitor. Wide angle shooting with the WWL-1B. Thanks in advance for any insight on my proposed setup. I'm here looking for info and reading extensively before I spend any money at all. Cheers Riley
  17. This is what worries me about removing a wet lens underwater! If I drop it!
  18. I learned a lot in this thread, the original first post in this thread is where I'm at. I haven't deviated from the A7SIII route yet though. A7SIII with WWL-1 and Nauticam housing is where I'm leaning. Lights I have just started reading about, but the Kraken Solar Flare Mini 15,000 seems like a decent value (although still $800 ea). I have a lot of reading left to do! Great read though, and thanks for so much info here.
  19. Curious if you pulled the trigger and bought this? I'm following in your footsteps but haven't ordered the Nauticam stuff yet. I'd love to hear more if you've tried yours? I have my A7Siii though and use it daily. Can't wait to take it underwater!
  20. Might be a bit far fetched to find these, but I'm looking for two specific items. A Nauticam Housing for my A7S3 and a Nauticam WWL-1B to go with it. I'm located in Oregon, USA. Thanks! Riley
  21. Thank you! Well, probably not any good advice haha. I am 34 and over the past two years I've sold basically all of my possessions (house, truck, belongings) and slowly streamlined my life to move abroad. Somehow I still have three cameras! Need to get down to one system (A7SIII underwater and topside and maybe an A7C for topside only). My advice would be to just do it faster than I did, don't let it take so long. I could have already been two years into the journey and maybe onto the next one if I'd have acted quicker.
  22. As an Olympus EM1iii and Sony A7Siii owner I'm trying to gather info and these threads are very helpful. I've decided the A7Siii is the one I want to take underwater with me and I'm leaning toward a WWL-1B on front of it.
  23. Great info here as I am reading through to decide my underwater video setup A7SIII. Really leaning towards the WWL-1.
  24. Hi All, I'm Riley, I've been diving for about 12 years now, with long breaks during that time. Getting back into it recently and wanting to take my A7SIII under with me. In mid 2022 I plan to leave my job and spend a few years diving full time. I plan to start a YouTube channel to share my learnings and experiences on this journey. My favorite dive locations so far were Palawan Philippines, Bonne Terre Mine, and Cabo San Lucas. Raja Ampat is a dream destination for me along with many places in Mexico. Riley
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