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    Easydive; Sony A7riv; Wrecks; Caves; Tropics. GUE C1 and T1

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    Sony A7Riv
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    Easydive Leo2 Wi
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    Inon d-2000
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    Inon; Huggyfot.

About Me

Live in Holland. Started diving in 2010. Became Padi Instructor but quickly moved on to technical diving to eventually switch over to GUE where I hold Tech 1 and Cave 1 certifications. Enjoy photography in tropical waters the most. Also picked up photogrammetry were my biggest constraint is computer processing power. In daily life I work at a bank.

At this moment I'm working out the challenges with my Sony lenses (24-70mm and 20mm) in combination with flatport and dome on my Easydive housing (not everything is as sharp as it should or could beĀ :angry:).

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