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  1. Inon D2000 type 2. With 2 mounts, fibre optic cable, new set of batteries, o ring, magnet and a basic tray with small flexible arm £185 posted U.K.
  2. Some macro opportunities in Barbados particularly at maycocks, lots of shrimps, flamingo tongues and see horses at most other sites
  3. It’s quite easy to burp, but you can’t keep the lanyard on whilst you screw the lense on
  4. Just started taking dive photos and have built up a Tg6 system with Olympus housing, cheap AliExpress tray, a single inonD2000 strobe but recently picked up a pair symbiosis ss2(2nd hand) which I am desperate to try Here are some of my first ever underwater shots
  5. Hi, been a diver for almost 30 years but have only started taking photos and found unlike on land I am ok at i. I have already kearny loads from the wet pixel community
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