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  1. This is exactly what I need to know, I'm between buying a Fisheye EF 8-15 mm (~900€) or new RF 16 mm (~300€). Since I only like corners straight, I don't know if quality of image in Fisheye 15mm corrected stills much better than RF 16 mm? PS: Looking at your images, 100% correction is to avoid! 80% looks much better!
  2. Sesimbra is the dive spot near Lisbon. Best places in Portugal are Azores and Madeira.
  3. So in a EF 8-15 mm vs RF 16 mm battle if I want straight lines (really don't enjoy Fisheye distortion effects) maybe even RF 16 mm is better, because 15 mm corners will also have few resolution and crop will look at least 16 mm..
  4. Anyone with full-resolution samples U/W with 8-15 mm with distortion correction on LR ON to be rectilinear? Thanks :)!
  5. @AndreSmith thank you so much! Could you upload the full-resolution files to check them? (forum resizes the photos). Also, do you find Canon 8-15 with distortion correction ON in lightroom (straight imagine) stills have better corners than RF 16mm or just without distortion correction?
  6. Which F did you use here? Anyway using this little beast can give us more feedback?
  7. Ok, got it. It is not available on market in this moment :\.
  8. Any reason to use Kenko 1.4x teleconverter and not Canon 1.4x teleconverter? Is the quality worse with any of them?
  9. Are you sure we can mix Liquideye and Nauticam systems? I own a Liquideye and never though of that.
  10. Hello ChrisRoss, I just do some snorkeling with my surf housing and have the opportunity to shoot some mantas and trying to find a whale shark soon! Yes, my question is what lens to choise for this Canon R + Liquideye + 6.5'' Dome setup. My Canon 14-35 f4L had poor results probably because dome is too small, as you comment. Corners were totally out of detail. Maybe I should invest in a 8'' and RF 16 mm because I like the image to be rectilinear or use Sigma 15 mm and edit on Lightroom with corner distorcion? Any other suggestion?
  11. I'm trying to find something similar in Portugal and I think it's impossible.
  12. Hello guys, I own a Canon R + Liquideye + 6.5'' Dome and used a Canon RF 14-35 f4L before with weak results underwater to be honest, but I had to sell it and now need a new setup. My options for next summer around ~$300 are: Canon RF 16 mm 2.8 (new) Canon EF 15 mm (2nd hand) Sigma EF 15 mm (2nd hand) What would you do, or pick any lens that is not here? Thanks and good shots!
  13. Quality post! APS-C + Fisheye seems a great option for a MUCH LOWER PRICE to be honest.
  14. Great link to be honest! In my opinion of corners sharpness: F4: WAPC-1 > Dome + Fisheye > WAPC-C > Dome + Rectilinear. F8-F11: WAPC-1 > WAPC-C > Dome + Fisheye > Dome + Rectilinear.
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