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  1. I'm starting to have more issues recently with underwater video that looks focused (even with an EXTERNAL monitor) but is not even close once I get it in post. I use peaking but it only works occasionally. This is not an issue I've had in the last 20 years so I can only assume my vision is going out. I found bifocal stickers to put on my mask lenses...reviews are bad, but I don't think any of the reviews are from shooters (and bifocals seem useless to regular divers). Has anyone used these in a shooting scenario? And if so, are they worth it? Or should I be looking at full prescription lenses for my mask? If the latter, are there any suggestions to a prescription that works for general dives and up close reference while shooting? (full time readers essentially) Thanks! Shane
  2. Can anyone suggest a reasonable/reliable insurance company/policy that you use to cover your underwater/camera gear from flooding? Preferably something that is specifically for that and that alone (not bundled insurance policies). I can find great prices for production gear coverage that does NOT cover water damage, so I was hoping I could find a company that specialized in dive/flood insurance for camera gear.
  3. Nauticam underwater Zoom and Focus gear for Canon 16-35 lens. Works with nauticam housings. I would consider selling separately, make an offer. I paid $350 for the focus gear and $300 for the zoom gear.. I'll sell both for $500 email: thecolorearth@yahoo.com This is hardware and it's in excellent condition, so it doesn't make sense to pay retail. Model numbers: RC1124-Z RC1124-F
  4. Nauticam underwater Zoom and Focus gear for Canon 16-35 lens. Works with nauticam housings. I would consider selling separately, make an offer. I paid $350 for the focus gear and $300 for the zoom gear.. I'll sell both for $500 This is hardware and it's in excellent condition, so it doesn't make sense to pay retail. Model numbers: RC1635II-F RC1635II-Z
  5. I'm really trying to find ways to give input wherever/whenever I can. Can you give me an idea of how long I'll be on probation? I would like to try and sell this Nauticam rig sooner than later...rest assured I will remain active before and after (I'm finding that these are my people). Also would it be possible to list the ad at the top again when it's no longer hidden or will it come back buried under all the new ads?
  6. Artlist.io is a really good library of music...affordable and it's straightforward licensing
  7. Thank yoU! - I got tired of dragging the card around so I bought some white fins for quick/hands free WB.
  8. Shot and edited this from a trip with Jim on the Shear Water in January
  9. I posted a couple new topics and tried to find some questions that I could assist with, but I don't see anything with the rigs I'm using that hasn't already been properly answered. I hope I'm not overstepping, just want to show that I'm in this more than to shop gear (I rarely sell underwater gear to be honest). This is probably the best networking I've seen so far in the underwater shooter department. Cheers
  10. Has anyone used the underwater auto WB feature on the Sony FX3 (has a fish icon on it). I tried it in the pool and it seemed ok, but the manual WB is noticeably better.
  11. I've been working on this for video and hoping to get some more input that may further help. I can get a good white balance for the ambient scene when the visibility is good and I'm not too deep, but obviously that means anything that swims into the onboard lighting looks very red. I got some keldan blue filters (which fit my Kraken 10K lumen torches like a glove btw) and they work really well, so now I can lighten those underbelly shadows as bigger fish come close to the lens and it still looks natural. This is the only time I'll use a red filter AND the lights. Do you do it differently? What about at greater depths?
  12. As I mentioned, it was my INITIAL goal, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the resources available in this community so I'm absolutely on-board to help and get involved any way I can. I posted my reel and I'll add feedback wherever I can
  13. Thank you!! Most of what was shot in this reel was with a Panasonic Lumix GH5 with Olympus 7-14mm. There a few shots from the Blackmagic 6K with 11-24mm canon lens.
  14. UNDERWATER PACKAGE: Pristine Nauticam underwater housing for BLACKMAGIC POCKETCAM 6K, complete with glass dome (no scratches), port (for 16-35mm and 11-24mm canon lens), focus/zoom gear control (for both lenses), vacuum valve included (for air tight guarantee), moisture indicator, tripod attachments, etc. etc. I would be willing to sell separately or in pieces but thought I would offer up the entire package if anyone was looking for the whole shabang (see breakdown of everything below). Nothing wrong with any of it, I just am moving to a smaller setup. Open to offers. FULL HOUSING PACKAGE: $6500 obo NAUTICAM Blackmagic 6K Housing: $4000 (retail $5628) NAUTICAM 230mm Glass Dome: $1500. (retail $2439) NAUTICAM port Extension ring 70mm: $300. (retail $460) NAUTICAM Zoom gear for Canon 11-24mm: $175. (retail $291) NAUTICAM Focus gear for Canon 11-24mm: $200. (retail $338) NAUTICAM Zoom gear for Canon 16-35mm: $175. (retail 291) NAUTICAM Focus gear for Canon 16-35mm: $200 (retail 338) NAUTICAM Vacuum Valve: $200. (retail $334) NAUTICAM Tripod ball attachments: $50 for three Housing has a separate battery compartment for extended battery life (and you don't have to take camera out of housing to change batteries. I will include rechargeable batteries Housing also has a compartment to hold an SSD. Camera shoots RAW internally, but this allows more space so you don't have to take the camera out to switch cards. -I have a Samsung T5 SSD (1TB) I will sell for $100 ALSO, I HAVE A FULL BLACKMAGIC POCKETCAM 6K PACKAGE FOR SALE: BMPC6K with Tilta cage (includes battery arm, hood, 1TB SSD), Canon 16-35mm L Series lens, 500gb Cfast 2.0 media cards (one card still in packaging never used), extra batteries, etc. Camera still has an Asurion extended warranty on it through feb 2023. FULL PACKAGE: $3800 CAMERA: $1600. (retail $1995) TILTA cage with battery arm and handle (battery included): $400. (retail $469) LEXAR Cfast 2.0 card (512gb): $500 (retail $659) PixelFlash Cfast 2.0 ((512gb): $350. (retail $449). **Still in packaging, never opened) Extra extended life battery for cage: $25. (retail $45) You can see my work at: https://www.colorearth.tv DM me call 850-368-8866 email thecolorearth@yahoo.com
  15. Color Earth


    I'm new to the community. I'm sure you've heard this before, but navigating how to get a classified posted has been a challenge. It's cool to see everything that this site offers and I'm excited to be a part of it...but trying to sell underwater gear was why I initially came and there just isn't obvious "START HERE" instructions to get set up and get going. Through the forums I've deduced that we have to post 3 times? Would this count as one post?
  16. I'm very late to the wetpixel party! Great to be amongst fellow water lovers. A lot of talent in this community! Glad to be a part of it. This is my latest demo reel. I work with various networks and own a few different nauticam rigs for different cameras. My current favorite is the Sony FX3. What's your rig of choice? H2O_full_comp.mp4
  17. Hi! I'm Shane Reynolds. I'm an underwater cinematographer based out of Destin Florida. I have various rigs for various cameras 9mostly Nauticam user) and have been shooting for different shows/networks for the past 22 years. I'm obviously late to wetpixel party. Looking forward to utilizing such a resource. www.colorearth.tv
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