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  1. Hi guys, I hope you are all OK. I have the sony HC3, and for more than one month I cannot decide on the housing. A main reason for that is that I don't know if MWB is something that will add to the filming quality(which really concerns me) or using the Auto function with additional lights and the proper filter will counterbalance the loss of full light spectrum making MWB not really necessary. Furthermore, I would like to ask two more things:Is the full zoom ability a critical factor for choosing a port and can you shoot macro using a wide angle port? I ask that because up to now the best choice seems to me the Gates HC3 with MWB retrofit and gates wide angle port that do not allow full zoom ability(L&M seems also a good coice but the price goes too high for my budget). Cheers, Kiri
  2. Hi Dougaldiver, What made you to choose the Bluefin and not the Amphibico housing? Does it have more manual controls, better ports & lenses or does it come with a standard monitor in the back?( the L&M site did not gave me a clear picture about that). I ask you that because they have a dramatic difference in cost(3000$ for Bluefin and 1600$ for Dive Buddy Evo!!!)
  3. Hi Ryan, When you say manual button on the left side of the camera you mean the cam CTRL roller? Why is this important if you have manual focus and WB as in the Amphibico HC3 housing?
  4. Hello there, I have the Sony HC3 and I am ready to buy an UW housing. I am thinking of either Dive Buddy EVO HC with the monitor in the back or GATES HC3.Do you have any suggestions? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Is it a lot better to look in the monitor (amphibico) than the back port of Gates?
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