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  1. So sorry to hear this. I was in Indo in September with all my kit and had no issues. But I flew into Jakarta and cleared customs there. Just yesterday arrived Cabo. I was lucky and hit “green” on the search/no search button at customs. My two buddies were not. They were hit with the bogus housing tax which started at hundreds but was negotiated to $50 and $45 respectively.
  2. One option is to go ahead and pay for overweight luggage. Most airlines will allow up to 30 kilos/70 pounds for an additional fee. I’ve done this to keep within the limit of 2 checked bags. I’d check the airlines baggage policy to validate cost and max weight. Two overweight check bags can buy you an additional 22 kilos/50 pounds of kit.
  3. Kerpower, Thank you for your comments. Others have responded that the auto focus is slow and the actual focal length is more like 27-42. Can you provide your assessment of these concerns? I’m still on the fence…in fact the airlines lost my superdome from my last trip 12 days ago because I had to check it. It may be gone for good and I’ll have to file a claim. So I’m rethinking the 20-35 because of the small foot print. Your thoughts? thanks and cheers, Mark
  4. Hey Aaron,  The port, extension ring and red protective cover have been sent via USPS two days ago.  Deliver will be by 7/8.  I sent you the tracking number on an earlier message.  

    Please send me $250 plus &19 shipping and insurance to tarponwriter@icloud.com via PayPal.

    Thank You.


  5. I have sold my Subal D850 system except for the following: 1. EXR-13/4, EXR-15/4, EXR-70/40 and EXR-90/4 all MINT: $150 for the set of 4 plus shipping. 2. Custom Saga Macro port for Subal Type 4 housing with 67mm threads (allows wet lenses and Nauticam EMWL assembly) PLUS EXR-33/4, allows use of 60mm and 105mm Nikon macro lenses. Port and extension ring MINT: $300 plus shipping. 3. Zoom gear for Nikon 16-35mm lens for Subal Housing, MINT: $50 plus shipping.
  6. Thanks Tim. Ironically, the cropped sensor systems do offer advantages across the board with regard to volume, weight, etc, only yielding to image size. Alas, appears industry is moving away from these great systems though. Cheers, Mark
  7. I’ve moved to a different housing brand and have a mint Subal ND850 system for sale. The housing is electronic ready with Sea & Sea bulkheads. It is also fiber optic ready and comes with an i-Turtle Smart TTL (rechargeable) flash stimulator installed. Along with the housing, I have a mint Zen 230mm superdome and a mint Saga 60mm flat port with threads (can accept wet lens accessories including Nauticam EMWL). It also comes with a 180 degree x1.5 viewfinder (excellent condition) and a 45 degree x1.5 viewfinder (good condition). Extension rings include 13mm, 18mm 33mm, 70mm, 90mm, all in mint condition except the 18mm which has a chip near the bayonet (does not effect seal surface). With the ports and extension rings you can shoot the following lenses: 8-15mm Fisheye, 16-35mm rectilinear wide angle, 60mm micro, 105mm micro, 105mm plus 2x converter. $12.5K invested. I’m letting it go for $5.5K. Please contact me for photos/details, etc.
  8. Thanks Tom. I have a 60mm micro and a flat port. It definitely has a travel friendly foot print plus macro capability. A near elegant solution already at hand perhaps? Cheers
  9. Thanks Alex. In the trade space between volume, weight and performance, I was hoping to find an elegant solution in the 20-35mm for mid-angle/midrange shooting for travel.
  10. Hello all. I know this is an older thread and I apologize if this is a rehash but I’d like to know if there is any updated critique on the SEACAM 20-35 conversion. I recently acquired and subsequently used my 13mm conversion/SEACAM D850 housing on a shoot. I was quite pleased with the lens/port system performance (Harald’s conversion is a work of art) and the dramatically reduced footprint (no more superdome). This said, I dread using my 16-35mm kit behind the 70mm extension/superdome when longer reach and/or less angle of view is needed as it is like dragging a 5 gallon bucket around underwater. So I was hoping someone might provide updated critique on the performance of the 20-35mm conversion. Or, better yet, a comparison of the conversion and the 16-35mm kit. In this a older thread Stephen Frink provided side by side images of the 13 and 20-35 conversions and it is clear the 20-35 conversion is considerably smaller than the extension plus superdome required for the 16-35mm kit. It would seem that there is a volume savings (perhaps weigh too?) as well, assuming one could leave the superdome at home if not needed for a shoot. Thank you and regards, Mark
  11. Travel loss is always a risk when you check bags or cases. I would argue that a pelican case is actually safer than a duffle, especially when locked. It’s is obviously holding something expensive and fragile but that marks it as a risk for someone to break into, especially if locked. I also use a plastic tie down in addition to the lock with spares inside my case. Knowing that TSA often checks inside these cases, I leave a “thank you for your service, please use spare tie downs to secure when your inspection is complete” note front and center in the box. Since I started doing this, TSA has been careful with my packed case and has used the spares to reseal, along with the lock, the box. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Svati, welcome! The Red Sea offers excellent diving but gets much pressure throughout the Egyptian coastline. The further south you travel, the less overall pressure from day boats and liveaboards. I have done the Red Sea Aggressor for both their northern route and Southern route (7 day charters) out of Marsa Alam which is at the southern end of Egypt. I am currently booked to dive the new Red Sea Aggressor RE for South Sudan (14 day charter) this May. It too leaves from Marsa Alam. Anyway, the Aggressor fleet boats are excellent and the diving is great. Just go to the Aggressor website to check things out. They have staff to help you with airlines and transfers as well. I could not find a good flight to Marsa Alam from my upcoming trip but the staff at Aggressor set me up within a day with a great set of flights for a good price point.
  13. I am making some equipment changes and I have a complete, ready to shoot, Nikon full frame, D800 macro system for sale. Camera, housing strobes, focus light all operational and in very good to excellent condition. Includes: Nikon D800 with Nikkor 60mm Micro lens, Subal ND800 housing with flat port and standard viewfinder, Macromate 2:1 macro flip optic, two each Inon Z240 type 4 strobes with fiber optic cables, strobe arms, Reefnet snoot for use with Inon strobe, Sola Photo 800 focus light with red and white diodes. Port and lens optics perfect, no scratches. Sell complete system for $3000 plus actual cost of shipping. More images available upon request.
  14. Hello Bert W, Do you still have the system for sale? I know you don't want to split the system unless you sell the housing but I am interested in the viewfinder and flat port if still available. Thank you and regards, Mark
  15. Although I too am new to WP, welcome Remy_93 and Marvin42. Cheers, Mark
  16. I buy both bubble wrap in rolls and bubble wrap bags from Amazon. All reusable. Wrap housings & arms; bag strobes. Stick wads of wrap between rolled/bagged items in case. Every pack job looks a little different. Good luck!
  17. Hi Ronen, thank you for your reply and congrats on your trimix cert! With regard to shooting uw, you nailed the operative words, “great fun.” Keep shooting, keep learning. Cheers, Mark
  18. Wetsuits do work great to protect equipment, If I’m just over the maximum weight limit with the camera system case, I’ll pull something, like a focus light or a strobe, wrap it in my wetsuit and pack it with the dive gear in the 2nd checked bag which is typically under the weight limit. That’s for your feedback and good luck!
  19. Underwater kit weight and volume add up. Especially if you choose to bring your own dive gear to a destination. Adding spare equipment and/or specialty gear to your packing for your kit becomes a higher math problem to meet airline baggage restrictions. I used to pack a complete separate camera system in a Pelican 1560 case (19x15x9 inches internal space, raw weight 14.3 pounds) and carry-on a second complete camera system including 230mm dome port and macro port complete with lenses. The carry-on system became a nightmare, from getting through security to trying to find overhead space on some airlines. In addition, many airlines have moved to strict 7 kilo max (15.4 ponds) for carry-on luggage. My kit was more than double that weight limit! While airlines offer incentives to check one bag free (associated often with using their credit card or frequent flyer mileage) our checked UW cameras and dive gear necessitate 2, and sometimes more checked bags. Interestingly, after deciding to check almost everything now, it is sometime cheaper to buy overweight luggage vs buying a third checked bag. So “gram shaving” becomes critical to optzimumize packing. To this end, I have moved to a Pelican 1615 Air which weights just 0.3 pounds more than my 1560 case but is 29.6x15.5x9.4 inches internal space. I can now easily fit two complete SLR systems (Subal ND850), 4 Inon Z240 strobes with flotation arms, 230mm dome, macro port plus extensions plus extras into the Pelican Air. I don’t use foam cutouts, for protection or the padded liners as the liners add weight. Rather, I use copious amounts of bubble wrap (I learned this from my colleague and diving buddy Mark Strickland who is an expert on travel packing!) which weighs nothing and is extremely effective in padding delicate equipment. I have a spring scale to weight the completely packed kit and may move things to the dive bag or carry-on to meet the generally published 50 pound or 23 kilo weight limit for a standard checked bag. If the case is overweight, it has been cheaper to pay for excess weight vs buying a third checked bag. Check your airline’s baggage policy carefully and shave grams to meet your travel needs. I hope you find this is useful.
  20. I’m sure this topic has been exhausted over the years on WP, but I’m new to the forum and would like to provide my thoughts and observations on traveling with UW kits. For many years I played “Sherpa” hauling one complete system in carry-on luggage I did this out of fear of the airline losing my checked kit, leaving me high and dry at my destination. Accordingly, I would overload my soft-sided Lowe-Pro roller-board with strobes, arms, batteries, macro ports, extensions, lenses, computer, etc., and load my camera, in housing, with 230mm dome port, into a backpack as my “personal item.” I would then check a second system in a hard case. While painfully heavy to haul around and squeeze into overhead luggage racks on larger jets, I was still reduced to checking everything when larger jets to a destination were not an option. With more and more airlines becoming stricter in size and weight limits for carry-on roller-boards and personal items, it has become risky to try to beat the system, especially if they ultimately require you to check a roller-board or backpack that has thin protection. So far, I have been successful in arguing my case allowing me to carry on the heavy system but I’ve recently decided to check almost everything to reduce my stress level while traveling. Fortunately, major carriers seem to be more conscious of managing checked baggage these days (yes, they still do loose stuff!) and allow instant tracking of checked bags getting loaded on their apps. While this does not solve a problem if your checked luggage fails to get loaded while you are sitting in your seat, it does give you peace of mind to see your app validate your checked kit has been loaded. So...for the last several international trips I’ve made, I have been checking both systems in separate cases (in case one does not make it, I can still shoot) and stop fretting about whether I will get hassled for not one, but two heavy carry-on pieces. It does cost me more to check more luggage but with separate kits and minimal carry-on ( batteries and a laptop) I don’t have to stress getting overhead space on a plane assuming I made it through the gauntlet of size and weight restrictions. Now, the pleasure in traveling to cool destinations has been restored.
  21. I would like to introduce myself to the Wetpixel community. My name is Mark Hatter and I’ve been shooting both landside and uw images since 1979. For the last 30 years I have engaged in photojournalism, first in the fly fishing community and in the last decade, the diving community. I also work for Bluewater Dive Travel as a trip leader/photo instructor. I look forward to participating constructively on Wetpixel forums.
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