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  1. Chris, Thank you so much. This is very helpful and will now lead me to study up on everything you discussed. I love that I'm always learning from these communities.
  2. Thanks Tim. I would be mixing up the focal lengths so using a zoom to not have to open the housing.
  3. Hi, I have a job coming up where we need to film in a sauna. Has anyone ever done this successfully with an underwater housing to protect the camera? Any ideas would be great. Thanks, Doug
  4. Hi. I'll sell the Ninja housing for $2000. This does NOT include a ninja monitor or any monitor. I'm shipping from Los Angeles. Thanks
  5. This housing and all its accessories were purchased new in August of 2021. The Ninja V housing and the wide-angle dome port are the only items purchased used and are in immaculate condition. There are no scratches on the dome. *The housing was only used twice in fresh water for a job and is in "like new" condition. I hate to part with it, but I don’t need it anymore.* This package includes: · Nauticam NA-C70 Underwater Housing for Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera · Nauticam N120 Port System · Included Vacuum System · Nauticam to Canon SDK Control Board · M16 Vacuum Valve II · 2x Handles with mounting balls · Monitor shade · Padded housing bag · Nauticam Standard HDMI Bulkhead with M16 Thread · Nauticam N120 DSLR Extension Ring for Nauticam Underwater Housings 70mm with Lock 21170 · Nauticam N120 8.5" Acrylic Dome Port with Padded bag · RC1635II-Z ZOOM GEAR FOR CANON EF 16-35MM F/2.8L IIUSM · Nautical RC1635II-F FOCUS GEAR FOR CANON EF 16-35MM F/2.8L IIUSM · 2 - Ultralight DB-05 5” arm · 3 - Ultralight AC-CSF Modified Ball Clamp with T-Knob (Black) · Nauticam Housing FOR ATOMOS NINJA V AND NINJA V+ 5" · HDMI 2.0 cable for the NA-Ninja V housing · Mano MTC330 case for monitor housing · Pelican 1610 rolling case for camera housing · Does NOT include camera I’m asking $10,200 for the entire package. This package lists for approx. $13,450 new. This is NOT including tax which would bring it closer to $14,800. Please feel free to ask any questions or request any additional pictures. Thanks for looking!
  6. It really depends on what you are shooting and what the goal is. If it's a professional job and you have to get certain shots with certain subjects then I find a monitor is a necessity for me.
  7. I would suggest if you can to use an ND filter depending on your situation and what your desired outcome is. If you are in bright sunlight near the surface and have a lot of light the gopro will crank up the shutter significantly to compensate for the additional light. Ideally you would get the shutter to 180 degrees (or 1/48 if shooting 24fps) to get a "natural look" or "smoother look" by using the proper amount of ND. The high shutter will give you the "Saving Private Ryan Look" but if you are ok with that it will save you on putting an extra filter on. I'm not sure what's out there with the her 10 and if there is something available where you can stack a red filter and an ND filter on. Hope this helps.
  8. I always prefer a monitor for the same reasons as the previous posters. In addition I find that it's so versatile when I need to make quick movements if I'm following the action of another diver or creature and have to spin my body around. It's easy to get back to your composition with the monitor. I personally find the monitor on the A7's hard to see especially if you have sunlight hitting it. Good luck
  9. Hi, I'm Doug Glover I've been diving recreationally for 28 years and underwater cinematography for 15 years. While I'm a cinematographer, I'm in no way a professional underwater cinematographer. I just love doing it when I get the opportunity on one of my jobs that requires underwater. Looking forward to meeting people and learning more.
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