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  1. It's strange because I never got them, nor found them in my junk mail.
  2. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. It's given me some options to consider. The Inon looks like it's closest to my price range. I'll probably try that one first with a flip adaptor.
  3. I have the Meikon housing for my Sony A6300. It is quite shallow, so only fits compact lenses like the 16-50 kit lens. I'm looking to take macro pictures, but the only lens that might fit the housing is the Sony E 30mm Macro. As I want to take 1/1 closeups (ideally 2:1 if possible) it's not usable. If I stick to the 16-50 lens, is my best option a Macro wet lens on front of the Meikon housing (it's 67mm)? If so, which brands and models are recommended, for sharp, non-distorted pictures, if I want 1/1 magnification using the 50mm zoom at maybe 10-20cm? Ideally I'd like it to work well as a flip lens, and cost around $200.
  4. Hi, New member from Australia, have been lurking for a while, lost my credentials (reset password never sent me anything - to spam or elsewhere) so created a new account. I've been dabbling w UW photo and various setups for 15 odd years, but, just like my diving in general, inconsistently. 2-3 years ago I got a housing for my Sony A6300, and will ask some questions about it in the forums
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