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  1. Hi Everyone, Looks like I have a buyer for this package. Thank you all for your interest. Best, Blake
  2. Hi Riley, When I got the Keldans 5 years ago they were really the only good lights out there in the marketplace. Now, with China, there are probably less expensive good options, but I don't now what they are. I will say this: Recently when I emailed Keldan about the Blue filters with some questions, I got a personal email back from the owner himself explaning things.. That's good service! and I appreciate supporting somebody like that. Here's a video with the old a6300 system and ONE of the Keldan lights.
  3. "Turn-Key" system For somebody looking for an affordable, but high quality ready-to-go system, this package might be a good fit. This system is just not getting enough use, so I am looking for a good home for it. It's in really good shape with no scratches and has been very well cared for. Never any leaks or problems. (See notes on pump, below) I shot mostly video, but this camera shoots terrific stills. If you have questions about this camera, and have a serious inquiry, feel free to reach out to me via this site, or text me. (310) 968-5845. I'm in Culver City, California, and I would like to keep this transaction in the lower 48 please. I am asking $2,200 plus shipping to your location. The reason the price is so low is that I just want to be done with it. This package was purchased originally from Samy's camera and Bluewater Photo in Culver City. Happy to provide more photos or information, or discuss further if you are a seriously interested. All the best, Blake Hottle Nauticam NA - A6300 Housing for Sony a6300 Mirrorless camera -including M14 vacuum valve II system, spare 0- rings Sony a6300 camera 4K Sony mirrorless camera including two batteries Nauticam port 45 with Focus/Zoom knob Underwater lens port for Sony E PZ16-50 mm lens Nauticam SE1650- PZ zoom gear for Sony E PZ 16-50mm lens Nauticam SE1018 zoom gear for Sony10-18mm lens Nauticam 7 inch dome for Sony 10-10mm lens or Olympus 12-40mm Acrylic with two neoprene protective covers Sony SEL 10-18mm Wide Angle zoom lens f4 Sony PZ 16-50 standard zoom lens by Sony Sony BCQm1 Battery charger Nauticam pump for vacuum system Pump for leak detection system This is functional, but you will notice that it has been repaired because the tip degraded. I was too cheap to replace it-sorry SKU # 25632 is the replacement part from Nauticam if you are annoyed with this one $47.00 Xit 404 Tripod plate base plate for tripod legs or control arms Bluewater Macro 67 67mm macro lens for use with 16-50mm lens and flat port Excellent
  4. This issue has plagued me for years. I hate it when you have a great school of fish, and the ones in the foreground have a red shift, and the others are naturally colored. I am too cheap to get the Keldan filters right now, so... I have been experimenting successfully with using different shades of Cinematography lighting gels by LEE, and rubberbanding them to my video lights to compensate for the red shift. Here is a link to the Keldan site with their solution to our problem: https://keldanlights.com/products/filters/filters-for-video-lights/1496-ambient-filter-af-12-b-72mm-4x-8x.html The other thing I am going to do on my next trip with my new a7s3 rig is to shoot in S-Log so I have more control with color grading. I have not done that till now because I have been using a sony a6300 with only 8 bit color. This guy on YouTube is doing exceptional work without any blue filters, he says.. Which I find incredible.. But take a look and read the comments below it. I'll post some more when I figure out a good work flow. Good luck! Blake
  5. If you want a not expensive camera that can take good photos, and really good macro photos, then I think the Olympus TG-6 is great. Sometimes I don't want to drag my big rig around, so I just tuck the TG-6 in my BCD pocket, and know it's there if I need it. I do not have the housing for it. Yes, it's rated for something like 50 feet only without the housing, but I have takin it as deep as 90 feet with no leakage. It won't function at that depth because it just gets too squeezed, but so far (I dont make a habit out of this) no issues. The Close-up capability of this thing is awesome. It's called microscope mode and it is super fun. Here are a couple of shots. The blenny is about half inch across, the hermit crab about half inch across as well. The anemone was shot with the TG-4 with a couple of cheap video lights on flexible arms pointed down. Keep the color setting neutral or the colors will be just too fake. Use the manual white balance feature as you change distance and depth, and you will have good results. This small camera is one you can always have with you, and as the saying goes, the best camera is the one that you have with you.
  6. Hi Riley, I actually just took delivery of this same package, though I have not gotten in wet yet. I have Keldan lights from my previous package. I'm with you on holding off on an external monitor for now. I totally understand the advantages, but dang that thing is big! Do I really want to be dragging that kind of package around with big currents? I think not. I got used to filming (I do mostly video) with just the camera LCD screen when I was shooting with my Sony a6300. I too got the Sony 28-60 with the WWL-1b with 130 degrees angle of view. The cheap price on the Sony lens gave me pause, but Nauticam says the results with the WWL-1b will be sharper (especially in the corners) than using a really good prime lens and a dome port, which I have been using up till now. I am going to be trimming it out this week, so I am eager to see what you come up with, and I will share what I end up doing. My last Sony a6300/Nauticam/Keldan/Sony 10-18mm/Dome Rig was so nicely balanced I could shoot with two fingers. I have the smaller Keldan 4x lights. Been experimenting with different LEE cinematography blue filters to get the lights to match better with ambient white balance at depth. Please keep us updated on how things are going. Best, Blake
  7. Greetings from Los Angeles, California. I have been diving since before BCDs were invented, and have been an underwater photographer and videographer for several years. With my retirement, I am looking forward to filming underwater more. I recently upgraded my underwater video package to include a Sony A7s3 with Nauticam housing and Keldan lights. I appreciate WetPixel as a resource for curious and dedicated underwater camera people, and hope that I can share what I know, and learn from others. All the best, Blake Hottle
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