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  1. Hi I'm looking to buy a housing for my Sony A7III, of possible sold in Europe.
  2. Trident & controller have been sold
  3. Hi, I'm selling a OpenRov Trident. I bought it used, in a not working condition and repaired it. Sadly, I was not able to get it tight, without filing the screw holes with epoxy. Now, it cannot be opened any more (but for normal use, one doesn't need to open it), and the depth sensor stopped working. Otherwise, it is working fine. I sell it with 25 m tether, the surface unit for 250 USD (+ shipping from Bremen, Germany) or with the controller (JXD 192K) for 350 USD. Please ask, if you have questions.
  4. Hi, I'm selling my Ikelite housing. At one corner, the surface of the acrylic was slightly damaged, I repaired it with epoxy, also, there was a small crack close to the trigger, which was also repaired with epoxy. Otherwise, the hosing did not leak and worked well. Will sell it for 200 USD. I'm based in Bremen, Germany. Additionally, I'm selling these Ports 5505.58 Flatport: Canon 100mm 2.8 30 USD 5508.45 Flatport with manual focus knob: Canon 100mm 2.8 (not L) 40 USD 5508.46 Flatport with manual focus knob: Canon 100mm 2.8L 40 USD 5503.51 Domeport: Canon 17 - 40 4.0 40 USD
  5. Hi I'd like to buy a Nauticam Housing for a Sony A7III, if possible, sold in Europe. Is there anything available?
  6. Hi i just wanted to share a video I made introducing our initiative fighting against plastic litter in the Coral Triangle region: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzfcSL5E8IQ If you want to learn more about the initiative, check out our website.
  7. Hi, I'm Andi and new to the forum.
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