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  1. Hi, Richard here from New Zealand, lurking as a visitor to Wetpixel for some time. A seasoned diver who has dabbled with underwater photography starting out with a Nikonos IVA which is still around somewhere gathering dust. 2006 I got back into it with an Olympus SP-350 and an INON D2000 flash before a Gopro 4 in 2013 rekindled the passion resulting in an Olympus TG4 in 2017 with Weefine 3000 ringlight and the Inon. Splashed out last year with a Sony A7C and 28-60mm lens, Nauticam housing, WWL-1B, CMC-1, CMC-2 and a new INON Z330 to compliment the aging D2000. I did a lot of supermacro with the TG4 and finding that the 28-60mm + CMC-1/2 not up to capturing the 3-4mm nudis (even stacking the CMC-1 and 2) so may need to 'invest' in Sony 90mm and SMC-1 or 2 or shoot the A7C in APS-C mode with CMC-1 or 2. I have followed @Phil Rudin and appreciate reviews and advice on Sony A7C - many thanks!
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