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  1. Camera and housing plus spare genuine Canon battery and soft case. Only used for 5 dives, one slight scratch on back of housing (top left) other than that all items as new. Reason for sale is that I shoot mainly ambient light and find the custom white balance procedure on this camera a bit of a chore. Current new price £1550, open to sensible offers and I might take a mint condition Olympus TG-6 in part-ex.
  2. I have a camera/housing package up for sale and a guy tried to scam me. He contacted me through FB Marketplace (blank profile, which I did not check out, first lesson learnt) he came to my house and appeared to make a bank transfer, it looked convincing, he showed me his phone which clearly showed a payment with my name and “camera” as the reference. I refused to part with the items until the money had appeared in my account and he said that he would wait for a text from me to say the funds had cleared, then left. thinking about it, I believe that he had simply transferred money from one of his accounts to another, but to see, “Payment made” with my name and “camera” as the reference was pretty convincing. not a pleasant experience to have someone come to your home with the intention of stealing the thick end of £1000, hopefully this comment might help someone else avoid what appeared a credible scam.
  3. Camera and housing in near mint condition, there is a slight scratch on the rear of the housing (top left) other than that condition is as new. Also included are a genuine Canon spare battery and soft case. only been used for 5 dives, reason for sale is that I do a lot of shooting in natural light and cannot get on with the custom WB system on this camera. sensible offers considered, as would an Olympus TG-6 in the same condition as part exchange. current new price is £1550 £950 incl UK delivery
  4. Hi, I have read some very helpful posts as to sources of copyright free and licensed music, but I am interested to know what styles of music you have found that work well with compilation videos. all input welcome.
  5. Driftc, thanks for a very good suggestion, perhaps the guy will take to that idea if I suggest it to him. Alternately he might read the gesture as, “A Moray is about to bite your head” which would probably work as well. The ironic part of that incident is that the guy kicked up so much sand that he did not bother to film the subject. thanks again for the suggestion.
  6. I have posted a few times recently and had good response and advice, thank you. on a recent trip I found a small subject on sand and was happily clicking away, using ambient light/custom white balance, when the next guy approached with 2 large video lights on, he was not shooting at the time, just getting set up. I tried to indicate to him to turn them off until I had finished, but he misunderstood and thought that I was asking him to be careful not to kick up sand. Later, in the bar, looking at my pink Sea Moth on pink sand, he said, “No problem, just Photoshop them” problem is, I have never used artificial light yet, so have not developed proficiency with editing. so the big question is, “Is there a recognised hand signal for, ‘Please turn off your lights’ ? At the beer table the other guy and I suggested that, if he did it again, a single, raised digit would suffice. All input welcome.
  7. I have found this topic elsewhere on the forum, so it seems a viable option, will give it a go. Comments still welcome though.
  8. I am taking a video light to the Red Sea for the first time this week, starting with an Anchor video light, single arm and twin handle tray. Used the handle and tray last trip with no handling problems, Canon G5X Mk2, Ikelite (lunch box) housing, Ikelite 7” arm & clamps. the rig feels a bit clumsy when assembled on surface, so I was thinking about bouyancy and trim, as an interim measure I am considering taking a swim float with me along with the obligatory cable ties and sticky tape. logic behind this being that a swim float costs pennies and I can cut it to suit, then change to a more professional solution in the fullness of time. One other point about floats, they are usually black, is this to avoid colour reflections? If not, a rig that had slight positive bouyancy might benefit from a hi-viz float in case the worst happened and rig and I parted company. any thoughts? any t
  9. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful replies, I have read them carefully and learned a lot. I have bought an Anchor 5k video light from Godive UK, mainly on advice from one of their guys who is an old and highly respected dive buddy. Arm and clamps together with quick release are Ikelite, the replies made me examine my photo habits and I would say that it probably works out 50% video, 25% WA, 25% Macro (but not with specialised Macro lens, just the camera’s Macro setting. Will soon be going to Sharm for 3 weeks and will start the trip with a day’s private guiding with a guide who has a similar camera herself, so will be able to take my time without being concerned about holding up a group dive. (I can happily hover around a glass fish pinnacle for aaaages) Thanks again. DEC68CB0-299D-4F6C-A3EC-09C197AF9DFB.MOV
  10. Hi Chris I bought an Anchor Cruit 5k video light. The USB wall charger that we use is 30w and has a max output of 2.4A per socket (3 USB sockets) thanks
  11. Thanks very much to all for sharing experiences and advice, very much appreciated. I ended up taking the advice of an old dive buddy who works for a respected dive business and have bought an Anchor video light with replaceable batteries. The two main deciders were the fact that I have dived with the guy and trust him 100% and that Anchor get good reviews for customer service. an upcoming 3 week trip to Sharm will be the proof of the pudding. Thanks again.
  12. I have just bought an Anchor video light which comes with a Usb charger, the chargers that I use for iPhone and iPad have fast charging facility which makes a big difference to charge times i.e. less than half the time. Does anyone know if connecting the Anchor supplied Usb charger to the Usb fast charger will result in a quicker charge than connecting to a standard Usb socket? Tia
  13. Thanks for the input, I am definitely leaning towards user replaceable. the replies made me think, “How would I feel if other kit that I own had non-user replaceable batteries?” Not a great concept, mass market batteries are expensive enough without making it worse.
  14. Hi I have had previous Canon compacts and became used to frequent white balance setting. the G5X Mk2 is different because it requires the extra step of shooting an image and then using that as a reference. What puzzles me is that, if the camera is in custom WB mode, then the image you take is already influenced by the existing white balance setting, if you see what I mean. So a WB that was set at 30m will be very red if used to take a sample shot at 5m, so the shot of a white slate will produce a red image, which would then be used as a reference producing, presumably, blue tinged shots at 5m. If this is the case, would it be worth having a slate with an adjustable depth marker, then one could scroll through a few samples with the depths marked, any thoughts? I have not tried this underwater, but simulated it on land by shooting a blue card (so the camera thought that it was at 30m) then shot a white card which, as expected, gave a red image, using the resulting image to set white balance, sure enough the result was a very blue video. Unless I have it wrong (hopefully) using a photo as a reference means that, if the colours of the reference photo have already been colour corrected by the camera, they do not refer to the actual colours of the scene. would one have to take the reference shot using Auto WB to avoid having the influence of custom WB?
  15. I was thinking about buying 2 used video lights by light and motion, they have sealed batteries and have not been used for 2 years. Owner had charged them and they seemed OK, but the replacement covst for batteries made it appear a bit of a risky purchase, so decided against. Any thoughts on buying lights with used batteries?
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