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  1. Hey Anthony, Have you checked out youtube's audio library? It's free to use and there are some good ones there.
  2. The top is about 16m, bottom around 22-25m depends on the tide. You definitely should stop by!
  3. Thanks Mike! Yes they block out the sun completely inside!
  4. Hi guys, Just wanna share video of this new wreck in Kapalai called Blue Liberty. It was sunk 2 1/2 years ago for recreation purpose. Probably the one wreck in this area.. (not counting the small sunken boats in house reef). Enjoy!
  5. Love it!!! Well done and thanks for sharing!
  6. Go for it! DSLR produces better video quality and once you get the hang of it it's not that difficult to handle. We use 17-40mm on 5dm2 and it's versatile enough for us to get really wide and semi macro (nemo, angelfish, etc..). I'm sure 16-35mm is even better in terms of sharpness if you have the budget.
  7. Hi Syam. Thanks! Yes we use Magic filter with this lens.
  8. We are using Canon 5dm2 17-40mm with red filter & manual white balance using sand/rubbles at almost every shot, which produces excellent result and no lights required. However I think if you intend to use it for video & photo combo, might be tricky as having the red filter will produce very red photos when taken with strobes. Of course you can always tweak it in post.. haven't tried it myself. Definitely try the video with D800 and share it with us!
  9. Mike: Hehe.. yeah we went for the megadome. Can smash naughty divers' head with it. Touch the turtle if you dare! Drew, yeah got 3G but limited bandwidth.. I usually used up my 4GB a month by the 2nd week of the month!
  10. Haha. Yes Mike Sam and I are pulling each other's hair out. We need another set! Drew, yeah a bit difficult to upload HD with our island internet speed. Will try on our next edit.
  11. Hi guys, Just want to share a short video we did with Canon 5dm2 17-40mm. Love this camera! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E10F6GLY3Y
  12. Beautiful beautiful video! Some really amazing footage! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Wow.. looks amazing! How's the auto white balance? Is it fast and accurate enough? I've been playing around with our gopro as well for some slow mo action. Such a fun camera yet so cheap!
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