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  1. Hey Anthony, Have you checked out youtube's audio library? It's free to use and there are some good ones there.
  2. The top is about 16m, bottom around 22-25m depends on the tide. You definitely should stop by!
  3. Thanks Mike! Yes they block out the sun completely inside!
  4. Hi guys, Just wanna share video of this new wreck in Kapalai called Blue Liberty. It was sunk 2 1/2 years ago for recreation purpose. Probably the one wreck in this area.. (not counting the small sunken boats in house reef). Enjoy!
  5. Love it!!! Well done and thanks for sharing!
  6. Go for it! DSLR produces better video quality and once you get the hang of it it's not that difficult to handle. We use 17-40mm on 5dm2 and it's versatile enough for us to get really wide and semi macro (nemo, angelfish, etc..). I'm sure 16-35mm is even better in terms of sharpness if you have the budget.
  7. Hi Syam. Thanks! Yes we use Magic filter with this lens.
  8. We are using Canon 5dm2 17-40mm with red filter & manual white balance using sand/rubbles at almost every shot, which produces excellent result and no lights required. However I think if you intend to use it for video & photo combo, might be tricky as having the red filter will produce very red photos when taken with strobes. Of course you can always tweak it in post.. haven't tried it myself. Definitely try the video with D800 and share it with us!
  9. Mike: Hehe.. yeah we went for the megadome. Can smash naughty divers' head with it. Touch the turtle if you dare! Drew, yeah got 3G but limited bandwidth.. I usually used up my 4GB a month by the 2nd week of the month!
  10. Haha. Yes Mike Sam and I are pulling each other's hair out. We need another set! Drew, yeah a bit difficult to upload HD with our island internet speed. Will try on our next edit.
  11. Hi guys, Just want to share a short video we did with Canon 5dm2 17-40mm. Love this camera! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E10F6GLY3Y
  12. Beautiful beautiful video! Some really amazing footage! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Wow.. looks amazing! How's the auto white balance? Is it fast and accurate enough? I've been playing around with our gopro as well for some slow mo action. Such a fun camera yet so cheap!
  14. That's exactly why I'm responding to this post, because I truly believe that Sipadan is still one of the best diving spot and even if you only get 2 days diving there, it's still worth it. Plus you get the mixture of both pelagics in Sipadan and macro in Mabul, Kapalai, Si Amil, etc... Maybe some ppl feel cheated before when the system was new. And yes, the resort had to do what they had to do to at that time to keep their customers happy. Back then, the system wasn't mature enough to provide consistent information because the government also kept changing the way they handled the permits. There were times where resort boats were chased away due to miscommunication between Sipadan officers with mainland. All I'm saying is no resort is trying to cheat money from their customers and there's no reason to not come dive here even if it's just 1 or 2 days in Sipadan out of a week. Let's not forget that Barracuda Point in Sipadan also been recently rated as the best dive spots in the world: http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/escape/o...ve-sites-895793
  15. Hi all. I'm working in this area and let me clarify a few things. Sipadan's daily permit is 120 divers from all resorts so each resorts only get 7-14 permits per day, depending on how big the resort is. In general, Sipadan water village, SMART, borneo divers, and Kapalai have 14 while the rest have less. Sometimes resorts will buy permits from other resorts, but they don't "DOUBLE" the number by using same names now. In general, for a 5d/4n package you'll get 1 day diving in sipadan, but if you stay longer you'll get more days. It's correct that you have to book in advance. Yes the diving time is from 6am-6pm, but let's not forget that the general rules here is all divers must have minimum 1 hour surface interval in between dives, and most diving package is 3 boat dives per day. Some resorts will give you 4 dives in Sipadan, which I must say is more than sufficient. Of course Sipadan is not what it used to be 20 years ago but it's still one of the best diving spots in the world with guaranteed sightings of sharks, turtles, and schooling fish. How many places in the world can you see all in one dive? There's no scam here and I truly believe that all resorts are doing their best to come up with a system that benefits their customers. It took them some time but i think the system now is the best they could do to enable divers to have a good Sipadan experience, while helping to preserve the island.
  16. Hi guys, Just want to share this video of Layang-Layang. Underwater footage shot with Sony TRV950 and CX550.
  17. I think video setup is still the better choice, and if budget allows get a nice wide angle port (ie Fathom 90 degree).
  18. A quick tips on the camera settings for you to try out (which I happen to just mentioned on the other post): - turn of auto back lighting - turn of low lux - decrease exposure -2 Use red filter. Use sand/coral rubbles to white balance. White balance as often as possible (every 2 feet, not 10) but with this setup max depth to white balance would be 12-15m (depending on condition). If you white balance below that it gets a bit purple-ish.
  19. Hi John, We've been using the Turtle housing for CX550 for a while. Overall it's quite good except you have no optics options and we had a leak in our electronic right grip, which costs around USD350 to replace. Operation wise is straight forward and easy to handle. Manual white balance requires you to press 2 buttons simultaneously and ours got sticky after a while, so make sure you soak and rinse it thoroughly after each dive. Camera requires a bit of tweaking to get the best results (turn off low lux, back lighting, -2 exposure). Otherwise the camera tend to overexpose a little bit and gives you all the dancing pink pixels in dark areas. We used to white balance all the way to 20m with the TRV950 and it would still be ok, but with this setup best to only white balance around up to 12m and leave it at that when go deeper water. Let me know how the Patima housing goes! Looks interesting. Seok
  20. Hi, I'm using Sony CX550 with the Amphibico turtle housing, which uses a fixed glass lens so no vignetting but it's not really that wide. Don't think it's possible to not have vignette on the EVO2 HD as it's stated by amphibico that you need to zoom in to get rid of it. Let me know if the lens works tho! Cheers.
  21. Hey OG-Lee, One of the best video I've seen! Great job! Cheers.
  22. Nice video!! Lots of rare critters there. Lucky you!
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