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  1. I never got a response/confirmation so I ended up just grabbing two Keldan 8XR lights. Might expand out to their higher stuff but that's a lot of bulk I'm not ready for yet...
  2. Drysuit inner would work indeed.
  3. Mostly just figuring out what's the best way to pad it out. Probably will contact the manufacturer for if they recommend hard foam or if I can get away with something softer....
  4. This is the housing: https://www.mantis-sub.com/products/p/mantis-sub (Dimensions can be found in the documentation here: https://www.mantis-sub.com/s/MantisSub_IntegrationGuide.pdf) And it looked like some of them such as the LowePro BP 450, only some of the inserts can be moved around, so it's a bit more purpose built for traditional cameras with a long lens rather than bulky underwater housings.
  5. I'm at a loss mainly for figuring out which sort of carryon is going to meet my needs or if I just accept I'll need to check it. I'm kind of hoping to avoid pelican if only because of visibility, but if checking it then pelican simply makes the most sense. The housing dimensions are 250mm x 191mm x 210mm as it's one of the larger ones, and some of the nauticam components attached to it add a little bit more. Most cases I'm seeing just don't have that kind of size in at least one of the directions, or the dividers are more rigid and can't be removed to accommodate. It did come with its own pelican case, but due to airline hijinks I'm trying to combine/reduce into smaller components. This means even the popular 1535 pelican is just a little too short to be a safe storage solution, and nothing carry-on from pelican seems to have an interior depth of 8 inches to be safe unless I'm overlooking something... Feels like if I could sort out the housing all the lights and such would be easy...
  6. Always wondered if it''d be worth grabbing the carnet as I bring stuff on more international travels. Usually just the security deposit that isn't ideal depending on how much I bring along/register...
  7. Yeah, 18000 lumen seems to be more of a "Well, I guess I can try" option than expecting it to be ideal. My focus is on video so I don't mind terribly. Kraken light battery I've assumed are under the 100Whr based on run time but it's a valid thing to confirm before putting money down. Both the lights appear to use a dial (Kraken dial plus button to change modes on the back), unlike my L&M which is the switch. Using a remote in either case is a lot more convenient in either case.
  8. Definitely looks interesting. Do you use it with a tray or anything or does it become a matter of choosing tripod footage vs tray footage? Where do you stick your lights?
  9. So much to unpack here... I don't even know where to begin to figure out the best bag for transport of my gear. I guess take measurements and go from there?
  10. Trying to decide between a couple video lights. Use cases are macro and wide video footage. Always a chance of photos but not a focus. Also hoping to pick something that will last 5 years or so, through a few cameras if possible. One option is the Kraken Hydra 15000 WRGBU. I like how it has red for black dives as well as semi-strobe functionality. I don't see many people talk about them here so there's probably a reason, and my naivety is getting pulled in via features. I also like how it has a remote control albeit is limited to only 2 lights. The other one that I'm seeing a lot around here is the Keldan 8XR 20000LM. I like the remote wireless, it has a good depth rating (Though my camera housing is also only rated for 90m currently), and the only negative I hear is the price. I'm not. a fan of the 35m runtime, and can't find runtime or more detailed info about dimmer settings. Would be interested to know if running it at 15000 would have similar runtimes as the Kraken. Also want to know about the mounting options, it looks like it's just a clamp but I can't tell if its got a screw mount in the housing or if I just need to trust the clamp. In both cases they're kind of big (to me) but I understand the size is needed for the battery. I also see a lot of panning comments about the L&M lights so I didn't add them to my list.
  11. Hello, I'm new and learning how to translate surface videography to underwater work.
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