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  1. For Sale: Gates Pro Action Water Housing for DSMC2 SP80 Glass Dome Port FP 80 Flat Port 5 extension rings including one with custom control for cine zooms Red DSMC2 Jetpack SDI Module Seal Check Lite Kit Starlite ST5 HD Monitor 100ft SDI Surface Feed Various accessories: custom cables, spare O ring, weight, tools, lens gear, shaft, etc... Everything works perfectly... That's why people buy Gates, it's reliable! This Pro Action was custom modified by John for my needs. It keeps its streamlined profile but it can also accommodate bigger lenses. I shoot with Zeiss Compact Zooms, Sigma Cine Zoom, Hawk Vintage 74, etc... I won't split this package. This housing is user upgradable to Alexa Mini and / or DSMC3 Red V-Raptor. There's around 25K of equipment, I'm asking for €13K OBO. Shipping and taxes not included but I have an international VAT number so taxes should not apply within Europe. Housing can be checked and picked up at my offices in the South West of France. International shipping is also an option. Please shoot me an email for pictures and infos: vincentkardasik(at)lkrtel.com
  2. I really prefer having the monitor slightly on top of the housing with a 45° angle. When the monitor is at the back perpendicular to the housing (like on pretty much all splash / surfing housing), at some point, underwater, it's too much effort for my neck, back and arms. But I also think the closest to the housing, the better it is. The picture of the Nauticam GH6 housing quite scares me...
  3. With a "good water clarity", I tend to use red filters only below 20 meters or if possible I swapped my OLPF for and H2O model (on Red cameras for example).
  4. Hi, My name is Vincent and I'm based in Hossegor, South West of France. I'm a director and cinematographer and I spend quite a lot of time shooting in the water. Friends recommended me Wet Pixel and I'm stocked to be onboard.
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