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  1. Very nicely done and kudos to the models!
  2. The crab made me smile. Nice!!
  3. The title says it all. Please PM me. Thank you. Joe
  4. I've used prescription Wiley Xs in the arctic and tropics for years without complaint. The frames are rugged but the lens will scratch if dropped on rocks or the floor. They are pricey but what Rx glasses aren't?
  5. I purchased a used 45 degree Nauticam viewfinder from @Kasper Prijs. He was very patient while I set up my Wise account and promptly shipped a like new item. A pleasure doing business with you. Joe
  6. Hi I'm interested in the 19523, 100mm Macro gear. I have sent two PMs and an email. Is it still available and what would the cost for shipping to Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80917 USA be? Thank you. Joe
  7. I bought a set of UW arms and clamps on 19 Jun 22 from @JoshW. Excellent packing, very quick shipping and a pleasure to do business with. Arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!
  8. Those are both wonderful specimens and very beautifully photographed.
  9. Where were you in Greenland? My wife and I work on the Northwestern coast at Pituffik. Amazing the contrast from above water to in water. I saw the location at the end of the second video...should have watched both before asking!!
  10. I completed m profile and and am able to post in other forums, I did send a help message to the admins. This is the error I et i it helps anyone: Sorry, there is a problem Messenger Disabled Error code: 2C137/9
  11. Thanks. I am having a hard time finding the PMs. Every time I try to use it I get an error message telling me I don't have permission.
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