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  1. Dear Schui, Is it too late to make an offer on the housing? I would love all of it except the camera body if that's possible? My email is abroadbent@mac.com to take this offline. I am UK based and hoping you haven't left yet! Thanks, Adam
  2. Great shot. Any more in the series?
  3. Thanks Leslie for the IDs. Very kind. Not sure what was happening with the Conchodutes tridacnae. The bit of soft coral it was on was right next to a barrel sponge but I dont recall any giant clams in the vicinity.
  4. Looks like a good shout on the Conchodytes, Jim. Thanks!
  5. We used Blue Dragon 2. Unfortunately a lot was bombed out but there were good coral patches occasionally and sporadic critter encounters. Rest of my images are up on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adambroadbent...57624271221080/
  6. I should probably add this critter as well... Incredibly small, less than 1cm. Cheers, Adam
  7. Hi everyone, Just returned from an interesting trip to Halmahera in Indonesia. Found a few critters that I was unable to identify and was hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this crustacean. About 1.5cm long and found on some soft coral. Thanks for any help, Adam
  8. Some great shots, Daniel. I love the effect of the black and white harlequin shrimp (although the focus on the eyes is just out) - very striking though. The colour in the boxer crab is gorgeous too!
  9. Beautiful stuff, Carlos! Will have to see if I can get over there soon.
  10. Cool, thanks very much guys for your feedback. Well, it will be a free trip out so definitely wont pass it up. Will look forward to the wreck of the Rhone! Hopefully I can get a bit of traveling to other destinations around BVI as well.... Will post a trip report once I get back!
  11. Hi All, My Dad is about to get posted out in the British Virgin Islands and I was curious to find out if anyone has been there? Is the diving any good? Cheers, Adam
  12. Shark and diver has to be a fave for me as well. The shark going after the hook is very striking as well. Looking forward to seeing any treasures from the remaining 10Gb
  13. Gorgeous shots there, John. That flambuoyant is epic!
  14. I thought I would post it twice just in case.... Oops!
  15. Some awesome shots there. Particular like the Honeycomb and shrimp!
  16. Congratulations Todd. A beautiful shot. For those who dont have access to Scubadiver here is his shot...
  17. That first GWS looks like a mean son of b*tch. I also liked your black and white with the sun beams coming through the water on your flickr site. http://www.flickr.com/photos/drsteve/2934799325/ Stunning stuff!
  18. Great stuff, Scott. The free swimming/hunting Ribbon Eel is awesome!
  19. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments. It was a fantastic trip and all the credit must go to the divemasters for finding so much stuff. Am kind of glad I didnt get to see everything - namely Harlequin Shrimp and Bluering Octopus. So I guess I need to go back again sometime. Oh well!
  20. I do have a few more from the series but none with anymore eye contact. I had the housing as low as possible, so aside from digging a trench in front of the hairy frogfish, I dont think I could have got much lower to provide a more 'interactive' perspective.
  21. Thanks Steve and Alex. Yeah, good point about taking flack and it was something I should have addressed in my initial comment. During my trip I had six mimic sightings (it was a very lucky trip). The first four times the mimics acted a particular way. When they were moving around they 'impersonated a sole'. See image below... However on my penultimate day of diving we found a mimic that acted differently. It travelled head first. See image below. However after travelling head first for a little bit it then bolted up off the bottom about 5 metres off the sand. It then stopped and then 'impersonated a feather star' as it drifted back down to the bottom. On the final day, I took out my 10.5mm in the hope of finding a mimic or something to get some slightly different perspectives. Fortunately we found the same mimic as the day before. Again it acted the same way, travelling head first and then bolting up off the bottom etc. Both times it leapt off the bottom on its own accord which apparently is very rare so it was a real privilege to experience it twice! Scouts honour! PS Alex, we actually came across an inflated pufferfish on a night dive as well.
  22. Hi All, I just came back from a fantastic trip to Lembeh. I stayed at Kungkungan Bay Resort (KBR) which just blew me away in terms of service both on land and underwater - can't recommend it enough. The dive guides were all fantastic but I would have to give special praise to Detmon (who showed me everything I wanted) and Liberty (who found things that my macro lens could barely see). Here is the link to the slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adambroadbent...372437395/show/ Plus here are my favourite shots. Enjoy and thanks for any comments, Adam
  23. Definitely bittersweet. However 4 more very newly hatched hawksbill were seen today paddling around near the jetty. So that means there was another successful hawksbill nest somewhere on the island. All good news for the Hawksbill population in the Maldives!
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