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  1. That's a great input , I sent an email to Seaandsea with the case and I will face him with the evidence and I will ask for full refund otherwise I will report him as scammer everywhere
  2. Dears I bought a ys-d1 strobe from Austria " used " , I went to the water the first dive of the day and everything went perfect , without changing the batteries I go for the second dive of and suddenly the strobe started to fire on his own continuously very fast , so I plugged it off , and when I went out from the water, I checked the battery compartment and it s dry , not even single drop , but I noticed that there is some humidity inside the upper part of the strobe , and the target light is turned ON continuously, and the red led is not ON at all , I get in contact again with the previous owner and he assured that he didn't face any issue before , and when I contacted sea&sea they said that either there is small cracks OR water leaking from the battery compartment " which is very strange for me because the battery compartment is sealed from the electronic part." SO i opened the strobe and I found inside the electronic part a humidity sac and for sure there r marks of fire explosion inside . I attached some pics where u will see the burned part of the humidity sac My question is Do Sea&sea use humidity Sac inside their products ? Any solution ? Thank you Cheers
  3. Hi My Name is Karim , I am working as Liveaboard cruise director in The red sea since 2015, I am SSI active status instructor, and I do also underwater photography since 4 years . Happy to make part of this community, willing to help as much as I can . CHEERS
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