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  1. Hey everyone, I know these questions have been asked before, but I'm new to the underwater photograhy field and could use some help. I have a sony DSC-S85, this is a 4.1 meg has lots of bells and whistles. I purchased an Ikelite case, with a ds50 substrobe. Most of my diving and photograghy will be in freshwater lakes, so visibility isnt the best. The unit works good in auto mode but everything ive read points to the truly great photos taken in manual mode. I have no clue on using the camera in manual mode or which settings to use. I really need some advice on what settings to use, more so on what they acually do. I know its shutter speed and such, could sure use some help. Thanks so much. Billy
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Billy, I live just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. I have been diving for apporximatley 21 years. Currently I am an SSI AOWI with The Dive Shop II located in Little Rock. I primarily do lake diving either at Lake Ouachita, or Greers Ferry. I don't get to do much blue water but I hope to improve that over the years. I am new with underwater photogragy and have many questions which I will post elewhere. Thanks Billy
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