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  1. I've been shooting my D200 for about 2 years now and I'm wondering if the experts on the board might have some settings that they found have helped in getting the best shots. I know that most have long since upgraded (and if I could justify it I would too) but I figure that I should spend my energies on improving my shooting skills and artistry along with my diving. So I figure that over the last 2 years some of you had to have discovered what tweaks to the D200 shooting and setting menus helped give your photos a little more uumph. I've done a search and only one article popped up way back when the D200 first came out. Thanks for any help. Dave
  2. I'm heading out on the Solmar in 3 weeks. I was wondering what the water temp is like this time of year. Trying to decide if I need to take my 7mm semidry or will my 5mm Pinnacle be warm enough. Can't wait to get there and try my hand at photographing all the big stuff. Dave
  3. I presently shoot dual YS-110's on my Subal ND-20 with my D200. So far I've been pretty happy but I'm always looking to try to cut down on weight and space for travel purposes. The Z240's look pretty good. Just wondering if it would be worth the hassle and cost to switch. Dave
  4. I've got 2 and they both tend to leak ever so slightly. What I've noticed is that I always seem to have a stream of bubbles coming out from the top. I tend to be a nose exhaler to some degree. I guess its an issue with the very thin skirt and the shape of my face. While it was annoying at first I've grown so accustomed to it that I don't even think about it. I just routinely clear my mask almost as a habit. Dave
  5. Me and my mates are looking to book a trip on the Solmar V on a 9 day trip to the Socorros. Our 2 options are a Feb. trip or an Apr. trip. Just wondering which date might be the better time specifically which time frame is better for weather, photo ops and big stuff encounters. Figured there had to be some seasoned experts that could give me some good advice. Best regards to all. Dave
  6. Like the title says I'm making the final switch to Mac. I already have a Macbook Pro and love it. My home machine is a Dell PC that is slowly dying. Since I've gotten more involved in this crazy hobby of U/W photography I realize I need a good machine to be able to do all the post production stuff. I've looked at the new iMac and while it is pretty slick from an all inclusive package I'm not all that excited with the mirror that is the monitor. So I'm looking at the Mac Pro. I like the fact that it seems to be a great machine that is really easy to upgrade in the future. Here's my question. As a photographer, what would be the minimum speed and RAM needed? Could I get away with just the base model of 2.6GHz quad with 1GB RAM? My u/w photography is still just a hobby that I hope to someday move more toward a semiprofessional level (got to plan for my retirement somehow.) I figure that I'll get a large external drive for file storage and backup. Cheaper than having Mac add it on. I know that a lot of you guys use the Mac pro so any advice would be great. Regards, Dave
  7. Like the title says, is the Nikon worth the extra money? I've narrowed my choice of new lens to one of these. While the extra money isn't really all that big of a deal, I'd love to save money wherever possible. I know that the Nikon is outstanding and I will be very pleased, my question is will I have any regrets with the Tokina in the long run. Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience with these lenses. Dave
  8. I guess it would help if I describe my kit. I'm shooting a Subal housing (absolutely love it alhough heavy) with the dome for the 10.5 and a flat port for the 60. I know that if I get a new lens I will probably need an extension for the dome along with some zoom gears. Anything else I might need? D.
  9. Divers, I just got back from Bonaire and got some great pics with my 60mm and some with my 10.5 however i feel that the 10.5 is just a little too wide. I've been searching the forums but haven't really seen any consensus. Heading to Australia in 2 months and feel like I need to add a wide angle zoom and so I am wondering which of these 2 lenses would be the best way to go. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  10. I'm headed to Bonaire next weekend for the first time. Taking my new D200 rig, Subal housing and S&S strobe. My lenses are the 10.5 and 60. What I need to know is which sites are really conducive to the different lenses? I'd hate to dive a great W/A site only to be stuck with my macro setup and vice versa. Also, are there some sites that are must dive sites? Really looking forward to this trip and the chance to break in the new rig. Will post any decent shots when I get back. Thanks for any help. Dave
  11. Hey guys, I've been researching and I'm trying to decide on strobes. Ive decided on a Subal ND20 housing for my D200. My problem now is that I need to be able to throw some light. Cost is beginning to become an issue. Because of that I'm thinking of starting out with just one strobe and possibly just an inexpensive focus light. I will be shooting both WA with a 10.5 and macro with a 60. I would love to find a light that can do both at least for now while I work on my photo skills. The S&S lights (the 110 and maybe the 90) look pretty good and also fairly compact which is the other concern with lots of travelling along with being relatively on the lower end of price. I've been reading Martin Edge's book and he seems to showcase them fairly prominenetly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Dave
  12. Hey guys, Just purchased a new D200 and I was wondering which of these two inexpensive lenses would be the best for just general topside shooting? TIA and stay wet, Dave
  13. Hey guys, I've decided on the D200 with a 10.5 mm and either a 60 or 105 mm lens, and I'm seriously looking at the Hugyfot D200 housing. It looks like a great compact housing. So far I've found some places here that carry it but so far I haven't seen anyone that is carring their ports. Guess I could buy from Europe. I also guess I could use another company's ports. I guess what I'd love to hear is what Hugyfot owners think of their setup. I'm leaning toward the Hugyfot housing but, wow, is it expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. I'm also looking at the S&S D200 housing as it too is pretty compact but I think the Hugyfot may be the better housing. So chime in guys and let me know what you think. This board has been a godsend of great info and has been a big help in helping me in deciding my purchases. Lastly, How the hell do you pronounce Hugyfot? Stay wet, Dave
  14. Just wondering who has the best prices on line for Nikon equipment? Looking to purchase a D200 and lenses. Found some web sites that have some ridiculously low prices and wonder if they are worthwhile. Dave
  15. Getting to actually play with the gear is a nonstarter issue. I live in Little Rock, AR, dead smack in the middle of the southeast U.S. and there isn't any dealer that carries equipment on hand. That's why I'm looking for the experts input. Most of my decision is going to be made by what I read and see on the net. Dave
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