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  1. For reference, Inon makes a "Lens Arm" for this configuration. However, close-up lenses only. http://www.inonamerica.com/news.php?news_i...5&newscat=0
  2. I checked with Mr. Miyashita at Inon Japan on this. Only difference between Type 2 and Type 3 is LED focus light, which emits more heat the previous Xenon bulb. The main issue is heat. The 3W LED increases total heat load on circuit unit. Considering the total heat load when using conventional NiMH batteries, Inon decided to limit recommended NiMH batteries to less heat emitting eneloop type, and keep the existing focus light continuous burn time and strobe repetitive flash limitations, rather than making them more strict. As noted by others, eneloops offer various conveniences over conventional NiMH, and the current lower mAh specs are still completely adequate for most u/w situations. Addressing the other thread, here is background on Type 2 / Type 3 etc. Z-240 model history 1) Z-240 (original model) 2) Z-240 Type 2 (also D-2000 & D-2000S were upgraded to Type 2) Circuitry upgrade for compatibility with Nikon D200/D80 when used with fiber optic cable. Before D200/D80 models, Nikon only used one preflash and one main flash. But from D200/D80 Nikon changed to where preflash can be one or two times, depending on shooting conditions, followed by main flash. This upgrade is only relevant for fiber optic configurations, and specifically for S-TTL and External Auto Modes. Besides this circuitry modification there were no other changes. 3) Z-240 Type 3 (also D-2000 upgraded to Type 3) Change from Xenon filled bulb focus light to LED focus light. No other changes to strobe. However, due to increased heat from LED, only compatible NiMH batteries are eneloop (HR-3UTG). Operational limitations on using focus light in continuous mode, and limitation on repeated flashes are same as previous models. (see two .pdf attachments) Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc. D_2000Type3_CompatibleBatteryLimitations_1_2_0___En.pdf Z_240Type3_CompatibleBatteryLimitations_1_2_0___En.pdf
  3. For reference, here's info on the Inon set-up. http://www.inonamerica.com/news.php?news_i...1&newscat=0 -Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc.
  4. We highly recommend you buy Inon products from an authorized dealer in the country or region where you live, to obtain full local warranty and after-service, especially for products having electronics. While buying overseas might save a little initially, you should calculate the time and expense of shipping back to your dealer in the event of warranty service and any other repair/maintenance. There are a variety of overseas dealers out there providing a wide range of service levels, some excellent. Please make sure your chosen dealer will help after you buy, no matter how easy it was to buy. Will they take the product back and help you? One reason you may see cheaper prices is because there can be a “once sold, forget†mentality where the dealer is not calculating any time you might expect them to spend supporting you, especially after the sale. Instead, reputable companies like Reef, Backscatter, MCD, Cal Digital, U/W Photo-Tech etc. end up handling such after-service woes, on their dime, hoping to prove their superior service & value, and build up a customer base. If you must buy from overseas, please check: 1) Will seller offer me support before and after sale? 2) Will I receive a warranty valid in my country of residence? If not, what is time and cost of returning product back to dealer? Are you confident dealer will support you in this? 3) Will I receive a user manual in my language? Too often we get calls from users needing help, who have purchased overseas but receive incomplete product, no warranty card or information, stripped serial numbers, wrong language user manual etc., so please be careful. Thanks for your consideration. -Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc.
  5. Yes, it is official. No AD Mount Bases for following housings: DC6 DC8 DC11 Cameras used in these housings have characteristics making them unsuitable for acceptable performance with Inon attachment lenses, wide angle in particular. Mount Bases will be made for following housings, and available in March. Fujifilm WP-FXF40 (AD series mount type) Canon WP-DC7 (AD series mount type) Canon WP-DC9 (28AD series mount type) Olympus PT-034 (M67 series mount type) -Mark / Inon America, Inc.
  6. DC11 definitely not. Will know more on DC6 possibility after this weekend.
  7. AD Mount Base for DC9 housing in development. Available later February.
  8. Here's the Inon set-up. http://www.inonamerica.com/news.php?news_id=56&newscat=0 -Mark Rupert / Inon America, Inc.
  9. Hello, Yes, we (INON America) received your email on Nov. 15. Since you are in India we forwarded your email to the manufacturer, Inon Japan, because we only handle North, Central & South America. We have not tested the Z-240 with your housing/converter/camera configuration and so do not know the correct settings. However, we have seen that Aquatica housings fitted with standard Nikonos type sync connector(s) are completely compatible. In your configuration the converter is the variable. Therefore I recommend you consult with Aquatica and the converter manufacturer for guidance. Best regards, -Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc. P.S. I would appreciate it if you would post the appropriate settings here so we can add it to our compatibility chart.
  10. Spare O-ring & Grease Set, and Balance Weight for Fujifilm WP-FX700 Housing All new. Price: USD29.00 Located in Japan. Can estimate shipping cost (airmail/EMS) to your destination. mrupert@rseco.com
  11. The Inon Z-240 English version manual came out about a month after strobe was released. Dealers now have the manuals. Each manual has a serial number matching the strobe serial number. So, if you got a Z-240 before they were shipping with English manuals, please ask your dealer for the manual. Sorry for delay in getting them out. -Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc.
  12. You may be confusing Inon strobes with another brand known for battery door issues. Inon strobes have one of the most reliable battery door closure systems available, in addition to the high reliability of the entire strobe system. -Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc.
  13. Around end of March we’ll have some new mount bases for following housings: PT-029 AD Mount Base PT-030 AD Mount Base PT-031 AD Mount Base WP-DC70/DC80 AD Mount Base WP-DC1 28AD Mount Base WP-FXF10 AD Mount Base MPK-NA AD Mount Base MPK-WA AD Mount Base -Mark Rupert Inon America, Inc.
  14. Hello Gary, The three mentioned lenses are all wet mountable and have an “AD†type bayonet mount. To mount these lenses on your housing you’ll need an AD Mount Adapter with the corresponding bayonet mount surface. The AD Mount model for your housing will look something similar to this: http://www.inonamerica.com/products.php?pr...dcat=3&subcat=1 From the AD Mount Base, besides the lenses, you can attach a fiber optic to trigger a strobe, and grips/arms. We hope to have this and a few other new AD Mount Bases available later March. -Mark
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