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  1. Thank you very much Chris. I really appreciate the combined technical and real-world explanations. I tried it all out this morning on some coral heads (about 2m away), and got much better results. I imagine that is mostly due to the switch to f/22, and I'm an old large-format guy, so I should have known. Infinity is still not in perfectly sharp focus, but I actually like that better.
  2. I'm just starting to do over-under photos, and have read a lot, but no one has described a trusted technique for focussing. I'm using a 16-35mm lens at f/16 (Sony a7R2) with an 8" dome, and normal UW subjects focus fine. I've developed an elaborate scheme focussing on the UW subject, and locking that before raising the camera to include the land half of the composition. It usually works, but is clumsy and non-spontaneous. Is there a better way? Thanks, Don
  3. Hi, I'm Don Whitebread, a California/Maui photographer. Most of my underwater work is done free diving in West Maui. I have a portfolio of black and white photos of Green Sea Turtles that has been exhibited and published in a few places. http://www.donwhitebread.com/honu. I'm @donwhitebread on Instagram Thanks for the past help while I lurked, and I look forward to participating more actively. Don
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