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  1. Hi all, suddenly my Gobe light (from Light and Motion) is not working anymore, the LED don't indicate anything and I can't charge it. As I got several heads for this light and as I am basically happy with the light I would love to replace the battery. Does anyone know how to open the body? I guess it is not 100% sealed so there should be any option to get to the inside. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  2. Hm, the battery cap including the O-ring is looking very good. I can't remember that I have ever found a single drop of water in the battery compartment. Also there is no obvious scratch or damage on the housing, probably it's the big O-Ring or, like ChrisRoss mentioned, one O-Ring of the controls. Have any of you taken the knobs apart yet?
  3. Thanks for your feedback To disassemble the flash I only need to remove the covers of the 3 screws and the screws themselves, correct? The transparent cover has cables attached, but that can be removed from the board with the connector. Then carefully discharge capacitor, check circuit board and dry if necessary. Then a function test. If the circuit board(s) are damaged, especially the sophisticated circuit board with the microcontrollers for TTL logic, then the flash is probably a case for electronic waste. Everything correctly summarized? Is there any information on the seal used, should it have a defect? Thanks for your answers.
  4. Hi Adam, I am completely aware of the risk you are highlighting. The flash has been in the drawer for over 6 months now, no batteries have been inserted since then. I had tried in the meantime to find a suitable service partner, unfortunately without success. The last chance is now to take it apart and test it. If this also fails, the flash will be disposed of properly. Regards DiveDude
  5. Hello, I have a similar problem. One of my Sea&Sea YS-D1 flashes has moisture visible in the front of the housing (see pictures). The error looks similar to the one described here, the LED is glowing solid and the flash is not firing. The flash last worked fine in freshwater. Hence the question: how can I open the flash if possible without destroying it? Is there a seal in there that I can check? Should I clean the board with alcohol? It is most likely not worth repairing, so I would like to try it myself. Greetings DiveDude
  6. Hi, I'm Martin and I'm happy to be part of the community. I've been diving for about 7 years (recreational diving) and for the last few years I've been specifically fascinated by underwater photography. Cheers
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