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  1. Is Meyersxx@outlook.com a scam as well...?
  2. This is unfortunate. Im glad I saw this before buying something..... Terrible.
  3. Selling my housing and canon set up. It’s been a great starter to my journey as a photographer. Includes Canon 6D 17-35mm lens Tokina fisheye 10-17mm lens Extra batteries Charger Ikelite housing 8.5 in acrylic dome There is a crack in the dome cover which is shown glued back together works well. $1500 for everything. shipping will depend on where to. contact me for any questions. alyssakr2015@gmail.com
  4. Aloha all. I am looking for a nauticam 8 in dome for sale. message me or let me know! Mahalo.
  5. is there a good fisheye you reccomend for a full frame camera?
  6. im using an ikelite 8.5 in dome with 5510.11 extension. and toking 10-17mm. I could see the hood in the images i took at i think 15mm, So I was wondering how o mitigate that.
  7. How do you get rid of the lens hood in the image? Do you guys just crop it in lightroom? I have the ikelite with 5510.11 extension and toking 10-17mm
  8. Oh Great! I just wanted to confirm that it looks correctly installed. I was just wondering if i was doing it wrong
  9. The coast provides such a vast and magical a ray of wildlife. So grateful to grow up here in Hawaii. It is such a new island on the scheme of time that it gets deep quick out here! Which allows for us to see such magical animals often! Manta Rays come to party during the day and at night! Nothing like a magical bait ball swirling around and baby grey reef sharks hanging out!
  10. Hi! I am looking for help on installing the 5510.11 extension to my old ikelite... instructions are a bit confusing i'm wondering if i can get a bit more guidance on how to properly instal it as it looks different than my other extension. Thanks in advance! IMG_6102.HEIC
  11. I am looking for an extension for the Nauticam NA-D800 housing for a 16-35mm lens. I already have an 8 in dome for my ikelite which i'm switching over to Nauticam... is there any way I can use that dome? or do I have to get a completely new dome for my Nauticam set up?
  12. Aloha! I am looking into possibly upgrading to a Nauticam. If anyone is selling a full set up with camera body and dome please let me know. Looking to spend $3000-$3500. Please message me or comment what you have available! I just prefer canon because I would like to keep my lenses. Mahalo!
  13. I would just need the extension not the dome but if youre willing to sell just the extension that would be great! Mahalo! Thank you guys for checking!!!!:)
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