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  1. I turned my camera over my shoulder in hopes of a selfie with a wreck tower behind me. In doing so, I caught this interesting shot. Unplanned and un-aimed. (Paralenz Gen 2 Vaquita, clipped from a 2K mp4 video file. USCGC Duane in the Florida Keys.)
  2. Matthias Lebo just put out this alert. There is very little information out there, but Paralenz may have just gone out of business. If so, this happened just weeks after a major product release (Vaquita Gen 2). That would be very strange timing. This is very troubling, given their recent product push and product warranty assurances. Matthias Lebo Video on Oct 18
  3. It was nice to have an armed guard watching over us.
  4. While I shot film with a Nikonos IV 'back in the day', I'm new to UW videography. This is my first UW video and it was something of a trial run for my new Gen 2 Paralenz Vaquita. I'm located in Texas and there's a former limestone quarry a few hours south that had a reputation for having good visibility. I'll be filming in the Florida Keys and Caribbean over the fall/winter. This is what I shot during my initial attempt. (default settings, color correction on, no lights) Diving the Blue Lagoon
  5. Greetings. I've been diving since the 70's, but am new to videography. I've started with the new Gen 2 Paralenz Vaquita and a YouTube channel. Much to learn.
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